Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 420


Tyrone and Lutz came attacking Dark Falz from opposite sides!

The power of the Dark Lord of Chaos was unimaginable, even against a highly trained warrior and an esper. The demon proved he was more than capable of easily taking the both of them on simultaneously, while fighting evenly-matched battles against each.

In addition, Myau came jumping in from behind! But it was as thought he had no effect at all, for the monster simply ignored him.

But then, Dark Falz suddenly let out a roar that knocked back all 3 of them at once.

<—Where’s the girl?!>

“The Dark Lord of Chaos” withered away as if hundreds of years had passed. Alisa had finally avenged her brother!
“The Dark Lord of Chaos” withered away as if hundreds of years had passed. Alisa had finally avenged her brother!

“Right here!”

Alisa jumped out from the fog that enshrouded the bottom half of Dark Falz! She was right underfoot! 

The very next moment, her sword pierced right through Dark Falz’s forehead!


The great body of the  “Dark Lord of Chaos” slumped over and twitched. —Then, as if hundreds of years had passed, its body withered away into dust and fragments…

 A man was left lying in the pile of debris that used to be Dark Falz.

“It’s the Governor of Motavia!” yelled Tyrone. “So then, was he just pretending to be anti-La Shiec this whole time? Was he the true mastermind behind everything!?” 

“No, I think he was only being manipulated, too,” replied Alisa. “But we’ve got more important things to worry about right now. We need to get out of here ASAP!” 

Alisa grabbed the Governor’s unconscious body and forced him inside the cockpit in a hurry. Soon, the rescue craft departed.

Right behind them, the flaming ruins of the Air Castle had begun crashing down onto the hills of Baya Malay… they had only just barely managed to escape.

Alisa leaned back into her seat and relived the long, painful battle in her mind. Even when she tried to clear her mind of it, the memories just came gushing forth like an overflowing dam.

Big brother… Alisa mumbled to herself softly and soon fell into a deep sleep.


• Epilogue → 

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 391


The next morning, Alisa and her comrades bid their farewell to Suelo and departed.

The hills of Baya Malay were located roughly 10 kilometers north of the port city of Scion. Since La Shiec has come into power, the entire area had been sealed off with huge castle walls. Alisa and the group forced their way through a checkpoint and entered the foothills. Then, they stared up at the giant tower that stood on the summit.

Baya Malay Tower. It was much taller than any other tower they had entered before. Surely this is what the Ice Man meant when he said “far above the hills”, there was no mistaking it.

As soon as the group entered the tower, they could hear the sound of shutters dropping behind them.

“Always the same old scare tactics. As if that’ll work on us!”

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 350


Tyrone glanced down to see that a laerma berry had rolled out of his pocket. The berry had a more poisonous looking color to it compared to how it looked on Dezolis. 

Unbeknownst to our friends, laerma berries must be stored in laconian pots; otherwise, they become poisonous.

Instinctively, Myau nibbled on the laerma berry. Suddenly, Myau began to glow as a dazzling light wrapped around him. Then, in a flash, he transformed into a marvelous beast with great big, beautiful wings. (-3 COMBAT P due to the effect of the poison). 

“Myau! Is this the special phenomena that happens when a musk cat eats a laerma berry? I guess you were a musk cat all along, Myau!”

“Wow, Tyrone, you’re his owner and you didn’t even know that?” said Alisa in disbelief. “But is he okay? He looks like he’s in pain…”

<I’m okay! More importantly, everyone, hurry and get on my back! We’re going for a ride!>

By the time the monsters had made it to the rooftop, Myau was already up in the sky, far above Baya Malay.

“Oh, look at that! A castle just appeared!” exclaimed Alisa.

A humongous castle suddenly emerged in the once empty sky. This was the Air Castle, the stronghold of La Shiec! The castle only appears when a musk cat takes flight and approaches it. In fact, that is the whole reason the laerma berry became a forbidden item.

Upon learning of their impending arrival to the Air Castle, La Shiec dispatched a special minion to greet the group. It was a Gold Drake, and it was a dragon of gargantuan proportions — the biggest one they’d ever seen! 

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 299


The moment they opened the door, a cold blast of air came out towards Alisa and her comrades.

Water vapor in the air glittered and sparkled as ice crystals formed. It was a phenomenon known as Diamond Dust.  Within the beautiful spectacle stood four ice giants.

“This is as far as you’re going, traitors.”

“Where is La Shiec!?”

“He is not here. Lord La Shiec is on the planet Palma, far above the hills of Baya Malay.”

“I-in a place like that?”

The hills of Baya Malay were located right around where Alisa started from. It was careless of her not to check there.

“But, is it okay for you to tell us something so important?”

“It doesn’t really matter. You all are going to die by the hands of us Ice Men anyway!”