Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 355


Over on this side, they were pretty much able to gather the same information. However…

“Whaaat, they told you Corona Tower is to the south? What foooools! It’s those guys in the west section who are the liiiars. The real tower is north of here!” (Action Chart – Check “I”)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 304


The group arrived at the village after making their way through the ice tunnel. This was Aukbal.

The native people were tall and slender, adorned in heavy clothes for keeping themselves warm ― the Dezolians came out to welcome Alisa and her friends. They turned out to be a friendlier group of people than they had given them credit for.

According to them, it seemed that La Shiec had come to Corona Tower.

“Corona Tower! Where is that?”

“About five kilometers north of Aukbal. There’s loads of terrifying monsters in there.”

“I bet… Huh? Why is this village divided into two sections? People live on the other side too, don’t they?”

Hrumph! The guys on the west half of town are all liars. You should avoid them at all costs.” 

“Hmm,” said Alisa. (Action Chart – Check “I”)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 298


The Dragon Wise let out a howl and floated up into the sky. It turned its neck around and flew towards Alisa! This took everyone by surprise; no one was able to help. 

(Big brother, give me strength).  At that moment, her small frame danced in the sky.

The Dragon Wise continued flying straight, crashing into a large stone-laden wall.  

The stone wall crumbled and fell apart, causing bits of rock to fall on the dragon.

The Dragon Wise extended its neck out as bricks fell and shattered off of it. Alisa then stabbed her sword through its throat! The dragon exhaled one last breath of fire into the sky and then collapsed.

“You did it, Alisa! Even I’ve never beaten a monster this size before,” said Tyrone.

Alisa panted in reply.

Alisa grabbed the jewel from the dragon’s forehead and then sat down with a plop. Finally relieving some stress, she loosened up her tense muscles. (Obtain item AMBER EYE, +2 MAGIC P, +200 MESETA)

“I-incredible! The Dragon Wise was really defeated! And by a girl, no less!” exclaimed the villagers who were just cowering moments ago. They began to gather around.

The villagers told Alisa about a village called Sopia which was nearby. Due to a gas that surrounds the village, there are many people who have carelessly gone there, never to come back. (Action Chart – Check “G”)

“That sounds suspicious. Maybe even La Shiec himself is there…” 

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 268


<Tandle!> —Listening to those words, it was clear that death was the intention. Of all things, the Chaos Sorcerer utilized the most powerful esper ability of all!

A white and blue electricity floated up into the sky, becoming a huge orb. Then it happened right when the orb began to burst open.

“This is bad!” Tajim went flying towards the orb.

With a terrific sound, the elder’s body bounced off of it! The unpleasant smell of cooked flesh began to waft around.

“Master Tajim!”

<Damn! Just one more second and you all would have been killed!>

Lutz removed his hood. His cerulean hair shone brilliantly. The intense anger radiating from his body was felt by Alisa.

“I will show you no mercy, you bastard!” Lutz yelled with an intensity unheard of up until now.

Lutz slipped through the monster’s swinging ax and rushed in. The tip of his staff smashed the Dark Marauder’s face!

Lutz then rushed towards Tajim. Being held by Alisa, the old man’s breathing was already faint.

“My dear apprentice, Lutz… You have grown so much beyond my expectations…. I am proud to die so that you may live on… There’s something in that treasure box over there that I’d like to give you. It should be helpful…. in your upcoming battle…. against La Shiec….” These words were Tajim’s last. (Action Chart – Check “H”)

(They found a MIRACLE KEY and an esper item, the FRAD MANTLE. Write them down on your Item List. Add 10 MAGIC P.)

Lutz put on the Frad Mantle, a memento from his master.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 169


“Thanks for your business.” (-200 MESETA).

“Okay, so here’s the scoop. In Bartevo’s scrap heap, there’s lots of expensive and high quality stuff buried there. You know,  like robots, water scooters, stuff like that… But it would probably take months to dig up anything there. Well then, see you—”

As the man was attempting to leave, Tyrone grabbed him by the collar of his neck.

“You’re telling me we gave you 200 meseta for that? There’s gotta be more to it than that.”

“Yes, sir. For you, sir, no problem.  I can even add on Polymeteral for you. It’s a chemical that can melt away any object other than Laconia. So if the robot you’re looking for is made of Laconia, then this thing can find it for you in one shot.” (Action Chart – Check “F”. Also, obtain item POLYMETERAL.)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 135


The blue robed natives became aware of Alisa and her companions. They pointed their guns at them and began to shoot.



“This is nothing. Those beam guns have low output. Even with a direct hit on bare skin, it’s only enough to leave a slight burn,” said Tyrone.

“But for those guys in the brown clothes, it’s a matter of life and death. We’ve got to hurry and save them.”

“Yeah! Okay you rats, it’s time to repay you for catching me off guard!”

Tyrone grabbed his ax and surged through the group of natives. Alisa and Myau joined in.

As things escalated into an all-out brawl, both sides of the fray feared getting struck by fly-by debris.

The blue robed natives grew clumsy and careless with their beam guns; suddenly they all ran off, dispersing in all directions like baby spiders. (+1 COMBAT P, +50 MESETA)

Alisa and her comrades saved the mice in brown – Motabian Farmers. It seems that La Shiec’s evil influence even extends to the planet Motabia.
Alisa and her comrades saved the mousy-looking natives wearing brown robes – Motavian Farmers. It seems that La Shiec’s evil influence even extends to the planet Motavia.

“All right, everything’s okay now, you guys,” Alisa said to the brown robed native.

<Oh, thank you.>

“Oh, you can talk?”

<We are Motavian Farmers. Those other guys were Motavian Scavengers We have lived here on this planet since ancient times, but ever since this La Shiec guy came around, the Scavengers have started picking on us.>

“Wow,  I can’t believe La Shiec’s been meddling with things over here, too.”

<This is the first time we’ve ever been saved by humans. It’s also a first being saved by a cat. We truly, truly, thank you,> the Motavians gave their thanks again and again.

“Well, we’re going to go on our way now, but you guys be careful from now on.”  (Action Chart – Check “J”)

After parting with the Motavian Farmers, the group continued advancing around the large rocky cliff.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 123


“That’s strange, those fishmen are heading towards that man over there,” said Alisa.

Without further delay, Alisa and Myau moved in. Tyrone and Lutz then blocked the Marshmen’s escape path. They attacked the enemy from both sides and brought the battle to a close. (+1 COMBAT P, +150 MESETA)

“T-thank you”

The man, still on the ground, held out his hand out to Alisa. It was a hand with long, sharp nails and covered in fish scales — the hand of a Marshman!

“Does it scare you? … I may look like this now, but I’m human. La Shiec forced his doctors to perform surgical alterations on a whole bunch of us… I managed to escape somehow, mid-surgery…”

Alisa was aghast. This poor man. She told the man about herself and her comrades.

“A robot, huh… Come to think of it, I’ve heard rumors about one in the scrap heap over in the village of Bartevo. You can probably find it if you use a special drug called Polymeteral.”

“Thank you for the info. Do you want to come with us?”

The man laughed weakly.

“I can’t. I doubt I have much longer… My body is weakened since I escaped in the middle of surgery… But at least I won’t have to live in that lava pit. Instead I get to die here, on the surface… I… I’m so… glad…” (Action Chart – Check “F”)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 90


“Ah, short cake? Very well, very well. – Huh! Th-this is…!”

“Is there something wrong with the strawberry on top?”

“This is no strawberry! It’s the forbidden laerma berry! Who are you people!”

“Oww, jeez! A pit-fall trap!? That’s unfair!” (-1 HP, -2 COMBAT P)

‘What’s going on? He said something about a forbidden berry….” (Action Chart – Check “C”)

Alisa and the group dusted themselves off and stood up. The only one uninjured was Myau, who’s good at landing on his feet. In Myau’s eyes, there was the reflection of an enemy lurking in the shadows.

It was a robot with a red body. A Machine Guarder.

Machine Guarder: 12 + BATTLE P (1-B)

Alisa & Party:  COMBAT P + BATTLE P (2-E) 

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 65


Alisa and the young man ran away from the still wriggling Robot Police and came into a different district.

“Hey, you’re pretty strong despite your looks,” the bearded man said.

“I was just lucky. And it looks like the Robot Police’s intention wasn’t to kill people…. But anyway, earlier you had said something about ‘comrades’, right?”

The young man fiddled with his beard for a moment, then finally seemed to have come to some sort of decision.

“I’m part of an anti-government group. Ever since La Shiec became leader, people haven’t been allowed to travel to neighboring planets anymore. So basically, I’ve smuggled some fake Road Passes. If you ever go to Scion, head over to the Tool Shop. Just mention my name and you’ll probably get one for free.  (Action Chart – Check “A”)

“Thanks! If I have that, I’ll be able to travel through space.”

“That, and,” the young man said, grabbing a sword from his bag, “Here, an iron sword. If you already have one, then having two is only better. It’s a dangerous world out there, you know.” (Obtain item IRON SWORD. If it’s your first one, then add +1 COMBAT P).

Alisa gave her thanks once again and then parted ways with the young man. Her destination was Scion, so she headed towards the coast.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 51


(Am I going to die without ever even seeing La Shiec?!)

Alisa’s anger towards the enemy exploded. A fiery sensation welled up in her body and collected into the palm of her hand.

Flaeli! An esper technique that launches balls of flames!

The Nightmare let out a deafening scream as it got struck by the fireballs. It twisted its face and melted away into the darkness. (Action Chart – Check “D”)

Alisa, having exhausted all her energy, collapsed right there.