Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 281


“I appreciate the offer, but no thanks. See you.”

“H-hey, miss—”

 Alisa and her comrades walked away, ignoring the man. His story was incredibly suspicious. Even if he really had a weapon, it was probably just a rusty sword or a defective gun or something like that.

Having pulled away from the man, Alisa and party:

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 251


Being a dangerous area where monsters appear, there were Armor Shops all over the town.

  • Laser Gun: 200 meseta 
    A gun with the best power. (If you have a HEAT GUN, then you can trade it in and purchase the LASER GUN for 100 MESETA. If you have a NEEDLE GUN, you can trade and purchase it for 150 MESETA.)
  • Animal Glove: 150 meseta 
    Armor for Myau
  • Psycho Wand: 150 meseta 
    A weapon for Lutz

(For each item that you buy, write it down on your Item List and subtract the total MESETA. Add 1 COMBAT P for each weapon bought.)

Alisa and her comrades left the store.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 146


“Oh, wow – there’s some nice stuff in here,” said Tyrone, his eyes alight as he walked into the Armor Shop of the village of Eppi.

  • Needle Gun: 80 meseta
    A gun that discharges a myriad of needles using high-pressure gas.
  • Iron Shield: 40 meseta
    Much sturdier than the Leather Shield.

Tyrone was fond of both armaments.

(Whether you choose to buy them or not is up to you. If you buy something, please write it on your Item List and subtract the price from your MESETA. Add 1 COMBAT P for each item bought. )

After leaving the Armor Shop, the party headed for the planet Motavia.

→ 124

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 126


The group arrived in the village of Loar. The Armor Shop there was reputable for its wide variety of wares.

  • Heat Gun: 100 meseta
    If you have a Needle Gun, then you can trade it in and purchase the Heat Gun for 50 Meseta.
  • Saber Claw: 100 meseta
    A weapon for Myau.

(Subtract the total MESETA for all purchases made. Add 1 COMBAT P for each weapon bought.)

Where to go next? (If you have Polymeteral, then you should go to the village of Bartevo.)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 68


Alisa went inside the Armor Shop by her house. It specialized in shields.

“Oh, you’re planning to venture outside of the city gates, eh, young lady? You’d better get yourself a proper shield. Those monsters will eat you alive out there if you don’t,” said the old man shopkeeper.

“I know. But they’re all so expensive. Also, some of them look a bit bulky for me…”

“How about this light weight leather shield, then? It’s better than nothing, yeah?”

(If you decide to buy the LEATHER SHIELD, make sure you write it on the item list and subtract 20 MESETA.)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 62


“Hello sir, could you please ring this up for me? ♡”

The old shopkeeper at the Armor Shop glanced back and forth between the girl and the money in her hand, as if he was trying to size both up.

“Young lady, you really want to buy that sword…?”

Alisa pulled the iron sword from its scabbard and grinned. It felt very heavy and reassuring. (Obtain item IRON SWORD; +1 COMBAT P, -30 MESETA.)

So now, Alisa will:

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 23


Alisa arrived in the city of Parolit, the city that is closest to her hometown of Camineet. 

While walking around the downtown residential area, Alisa was able to glean two key pieces of info: 1. Parolit’s Armory specialized in swords, and; 2. The port town of Scion is located east of here, over by the coast.

Scion…. I think Nekise had mentioned that town. That’s where he said Tyrone is. Alisa wanted to head to Scion as soon as possible, but for now, she decides to:

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 5


Scion’s Armor Shop specialized in defense. Alisa could buy a Light Suit for 30 meseta, which would be much more durable than her current Leather Cloth.

(If you buy the LIGHT SUIT, write it down on the Item List and subtract 30 MESETA. Then add +1 to COMBAT P. If you do not buy the LIGHT SUIT, then don’t write down anything.)

After leaving the store, Alisa headed for the inner harbor.