Long time no see

Hi guys!

Sorry about the long time between updates. Life has really been hard the past year and a half with a lot of personal loss and struggles. But, the good news is that I finished law school this past spring, and I’ve taken my bar exam.

As far as updates go: I’ve added Chapter 1 of Outside Saga from SPEC by the infallible Judy Totoya! Outside Saga tells the story of what happens in Phantasy Star I three years after Alisa & party defeat Lashiec. The author Judy was the character designer/creator of Tails from Sonic, and did a lot of character design / mech design in Phantasy Star II.

As for the Drama CD, it’s still in the works, but major format changes / art changes are being made. I’ll let you guys know more later but for now I’m in survival mode so it’s hard to work on that at the moment.

And as always, if you’re bored and wanna chat about Phantasy Star, come join us down at the Esper Mansion Discord! https://discord.gg/phantasystar

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