Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 366


<Tandle!> The Death Bearer suddenly cast the most deadly of magic techniques!

Terrifying bolts of lighting directly struck Alisa and her comrades! Their black and charred bodies rolled to the floor. ⸺Or so it would have seemed, however, the reality was quite the opposite.

It was really the Death Bearer’s body who rolled to the floor.

At the very last moment, Lutz was able to quickly cast Tandle before the enemy could.

At the L-shaped corridor, Alisa and her comrades:

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 349


Flaeli! Lutz launched a series of fireballs at Dark Falz. It was enough to make even the great demon flinch for a moment, but the battle was from over.
Flaeli! Lutz launched a series of fire balls at Dark Falz. It was enough to make even the great demon flinch for a moment, but the battle was from over.

“Flaeli!” A series of fire balls came flying out from Lutz’s staff! (-2 MAGIC P)

The attack made a direct hit on the center of Dark Falz’ chest, enough to make even the great demon falter for a moment.

“It’s no use. We’ll never defeat it like this. We’d need to use much stronger magic techniques…” said Lutz, biting his lip.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 329


Alisa was still careful.

From a distance, she cast even more Flaeli — launching a series of fireballs at Dark Falz! 

The monstrous beast arched backwards for a moment. During this time, Alisa quickly grabbed her sword.

The battle was still hard to call. The beast that is Dark Falz still had not yet revealed its hidden strength. 

No, it’s no use just sitting here waiting for an attack. We’ve got to go on the offense!

“Alisa, don’t forget that we’re all right behind you,” said Tyrone.

That’s right! I’ve got everyone here with me! We’ve got this!

Dark Falz: 58 + BATTLE P (1-G)

Alisa & Party: COMBAT P + BATTLE P (2-D)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 321


The Ice Men began to blow an even colder frost towards them.  But the attack never reached Alisa and her comrades ― Lutz had created an invisible wall with Muwarla that deflected it back towards the enemy.

“Right back at you!”

This time, fireballs came flying out of Alisa and Lutz’s hands! Alisa, too, is now able to use Flaeli with skill. (-6 MAGIC P)

The fireballs soon melted and hollowed out the Ice Men’s giant bodies.

However, they were still undefeated ― nothing less could be expected from the formidable Corona Tower.

Four Ice Men: 42 + BATTLE P (1-J)

Alisa & Party: COMBAT P + BATTLE P (2-G)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 306


“Everyone, get down!” yelled Lutz, coming to the front lines.

“And what’s your plan? Don’t tell me you wanna die.”

“Not quite, Tyrone. I plan on using the most powerful magical attack I have.”

Lutz cast the spell Tandle! Then he cast it again — and then third time as well!

Blue light came out of his body as countless bolts of lightning came flying! Arrows of light rained down onto the herd of Mammoths like a monsoon! (-6 MAGIC P)

After taking a direct hit, a large number of the Mammoths burst into flames while the others stared on in a state of panic. The herd ran off into the opposite direction, trampling over their injured comrades.

“—Huh. Where am I…?”

“Don’t move, Lutz. You only passed out for about a minute. It’s all right, the Mammoths ran away. Anyway, that was incredible ― you managed to chase off the strongest animals in Algol all by yourself.”

“But thanks to that,” muttered Tyrone, “there’s no damn tower anymore. It’s been toppled over. Those Mammoths must have destroyed it in their frenzy…”

“Tyrone! That’s not what matters here!”

Startled by Alisa’s threatening demeanor, Myau jumped off of her shoulder.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 268


<Tandle!> —Listening to those words, it was clear that death was the intention. Of all things, the Chaos Sorcerer utilized the most powerful esper ability of all!

A white and blue electricity floated up into the sky, becoming a huge orb. Then it happened right when the orb began to burst open.

“This is bad!” Tajim went flying towards the orb.

With a terrific sound, the elder’s body bounced off of it! The unpleasant smell of cooked flesh began to waft around.

“Master Tajim!”

<Damn! Just one more second and you all would have been killed!>

Lutz removed his hood. His cerulean hair shone brilliantly. The intense anger radiating from his body was felt by Alisa.

“I will show you no mercy, you bastard!” Lutz yelled with an intensity unheard of up until now.

Lutz slipped through the monster’s swinging ax and rushed in. The tip of his staff smashed the Dark Marauder’s face!

Lutz then rushed towards Tajim. Being held by Alisa, the old man’s breathing was already faint.

“My dear apprentice, Lutz… You have grown so much beyond my expectations…. I am proud to die so that you may live on… There’s something in that treasure box over there that I’d like to give you. It should be helpful…. in your upcoming battle…. against La Shiec….” These words were Tajim’s last. (Action Chart – Check “H”)

(They found a MIRACLE KEY and an esper item, the FRAD MANTLE. Write them down on your Item List. Add 10 MAGIC P.)

Lutz put on the Frad Mantle, a memento from his master.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 255


Fighting against a monster like this would only drain their energy for fighting against Medusa or La Shiec. Alisa decided to use one of her esper powers.

Lacusta! (-2 MAGIC P)

The Gaia was surprised at how quickly Alisa and party ran away. It may seem like a joke, but this escape method is actually a useful esper technique.

―The party returned to the previous passageway.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 241


The Chaos Sorcerer was strong beyond imagination.

Of all things, he used Tandle — the most powerful magic technique!

A white and blue light floated up into the sky, resembling an orb. The orb then burst into forty thousand sparks of light; there was no way to evade the attack. Instead, they all burned to death and perished.