Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 359


The Mad Stalkers engaged in an intense sword fight with Alisa!

The skeletons continued to fight, picking up their fallen arms and reattaching their skulls each time they got knocked off. 

“What the hell! Ugh, I hate guys who never give up!”

By chance, Alisa’s sword plunged into the open rib cage of the skeleton, right where the heart would be. The Mad Stalker suddenly collapsed into a pile on the floor. It did not get back up.

“Oh! I get it. Guys, just aim for the left side of the chest!”

Now that their fatal weakness was exposed, the Mad Stalkers were done for. Alisa and her comrades eliminated the rest of them in no time. After that, where to go at the next fork in the road?

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 320


Alisa knocked the skull off the skeleton’s body.

“That’s one down! —What? Ahh!”  

Not yet defeated, the headless Mad Stalker slashed Alisa’s arm! (-1 HP)   

“What, are these guys immortal!?”

At that moment, Alisa’s sword slipped through her opponent’s ribcage by chance.  Had it been a human, it would have pierced through the heart.  Then, suddenly, the Mad Stalker crumbled and fell apart.

“Oh, I see! That’s its weak spot!”

Despite being a powerful enemy, it was only a skeleton. Now that they knew its weakness, it wasn’t such a formidable enemy after all. It took no time for Alisa and her comrades to wipe out all the Mad Stalkers.

After that, they came upon a corner. Which way?

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 301


“Die!” exclaimed Medusa, shooting sharp beams from the palm of her hand.

The beams grazed over Tyrone’s head, instead hitting the Mad Stalker that he was fighting. Its skull shattered into a thousand fragments, disappearing into a fine dust.

“The one to die will be you!” 

Knocking the skeleton warrior out of the way, Tyrone went flying! His large body moved swiftly.

“Damn it,” said Medusa, launching more beams.

Deflecting the beams with his shield, the warrior moved in and swung down his ax!


Swoosh…  The snake woman, or rather Medusa’s head fell to the right and to the left.

That one attack had cleanly cut the monster’s body in two.

“You did it, Tyrone!”

Alisa and the others, having taken care of the rest of the enemies, came running up to Tyrone. Myau took the lead, jumping up onto his shoulders.

Tyrone had a smile of satisfaction on his face. He has now settled the score in his fated showdown…

Tyrone reached his hand out towards the ax which rested over Medusa’s throne. This indeed was the legendary weapon he had sought ― the Laconian Ax.

(Write down the LACONIAN AX on your Item List; +5 COMBAT P, +300 MESETA).

“We’ve gone to all the suspicious places around Palma and Motavia…. The only place we haven’t been yet is the planet Dezolis.” 

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 291


The monsters from below came up to them. A Golem, King Saber, Flame Dragon, Death Bearer, Machine Guardian, and Mad Stalker ― a collection of the most powerful enemies…

There was no way to win against all of them.

“But there’s no where for us to run!”

That was indeed correct. They closed in on Alisa and her comrades, sending them plummeting off the edge.


Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 282


The group suddenly entered a large room. Dozens of ornately decorated pillars supported the ceiling.

“It looks like we’re being welcomed.”

Skeleton warriors appeared from the shadows of the pillars.

“Mad Stalkers, huh. Not very impressive,” Tyrone said coolly.

“Boy, it seems you’ve turned into quite the big talker, Tyrone,” resounded the voice of a laughing woman.

“So then, shall I be your opponent?”

A strange monster appeared from the back of the spacious room. Each tendril of her hair consisted of live snakes. The bottom half of her body was that of a large serpent.

“Medusa, you witch!!”

“Have you not learned your lesson yet, boy? It’s useless even if you bring your friends with you.”

“Go to hell!” Tyrone abruptly sent his ax flying towards her!

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 264


The group heard a strange rattling sound coming from around the corner.

Before Alisa and her comrades stood a countless number of skeleton soldiers equipped with swords and shields. They were the strongest ranking skull soldiers ― a large group of Mad Stalkers!

Group of Mad Stalkers: 33 + BATTLE P (1-J)

Alisa & Party: COMBAT P + BATTLE P (2-B)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 259


Tyrone’s ax grazed the snakes in Medusa’s hair before plunging itself deeply into the wall.  Bleeding snakes wriggled around on the floor.

“Impudent boy! I’ll make it so you won’t be able to come back to life this time!” Medusa’s eyes bewitchingly sparkled.

Tyrone pulled out his shield.

“Th-that shield, it’s….”

“What’s the matter? Go ahead, try to turn me into stone,” said Tyrone. “—That’s right, you can’t. The Shield of Perseus has the ability to absorb your magic power.” Tyrone pulled his ax out of the wall.

“You cheeky brat! Mad Stalkers, let’s tear them to pieces and put an end to this!”

Medusa & Gang of Mad Stalkers: 42 + BATTLE P (1-H)

Alisa & Party: COMBAT P + BATTLE P (2-F)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 220


With the sound of bones rattling, the group of Mad Stalkers rushed in to attack!

However, in terms of power, Alisa and party were stronger. Bit by bit, they suppressed the skeleton warriors.

To finish them off, Tyrone swung his ax through the Mad Stalkers, bisecting them all.

But right then, Tyrone drooped his shoulders and fell over. Suddenly, two beams came flying at him, landing direct hits! (-3 HP)

The beams came from the palm of Medusa’s hand.

“That’s just one of my many powers! Here, have another blast!”