Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 391


The next morning, Alisa and her comrades bid their farewell to Suelo and departed.

The hills of Baya Malay were located roughly 10 kilometers north of the port city of Scion. Since La Shiec has come into power, the entire area had been sealed off with huge castle walls. Alisa and the group forced their way through a checkpoint and entered the foothills. Then, they stared up at the giant tower that stood on the summit.

Baya Malay Tower. It was much taller than any other tower they had entered before. Surely this is what the Ice Man meant when he said “far above the hills”, there was no mistaking it.

As soon as the group entered the tower, they could hear the sound of shutters dropping behind them.

“Always the same old scare tactics. As if that’ll work on us!”

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 72


The port town of Scion.

In the past, it was said to be thriving and bustling trading port. However, the harbor had not one cargo ship in it, not even so much as a small fishing boat. Ever since La Shiec seized control over the three planets, every mode of transportation has come under strict regulation.

After arriving at the declining port town, Alisa decides to:

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 5


Scion’s Armor Shop specialized in defense. Alisa could buy a Light Suit for 30 meseta, which would be much more durable than her current Leather Cloth.

(If you buy the LIGHT SUIT, write it down on the Item List and subtract 30 MESETA. Then add +1 to COMBAT P. If you do not buy the LIGHT SUIT, then don’t write down anything.)

After leaving the store, Alisa headed for the inner harbor.