Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 416


Lutz used Reverse, a magic spell that can bring the dead back to life. (-5 MAGIC P)

“Nnn.. huh? Did I.. come back to life?” Alisa stood up and stretched her arms up into the air.

“C’mon now, we can’t have the main character just dyin’ on us here,” said Tyrone.

“Well, it was unavoidable. —Oh, there’s a treasure box. There’s money and a sword in here.” (Obtain item LACONIAN SWORD, +200 MESETA)

“That’s made of Laconia, yes? Now that you have such a powerful weapon, I imagine our visit here won’t be long,” remarked Lutz.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 375


“Yahh!” Alisa and Myau leapt up high!

Feigning an attack from the air, they landed behind them. Just as they hoped, the Ice Men did not notice.


Alisa struck the giant’s feet with her sword. Its entire body began to crack and fissure before completely crumbling and falling over. So the feet were the weak spot.

Armed with this knowledge, the fight was now theirs. Lutz and Tyrone finished off the last two. (-2 MAGIC P)

The group discovered a treasure box in the back of the banquet hall.  Inside it they found a special armor made of Laconia. (Obtain item LACONIAN ARMOR. Write it on your item list and add +5 COMBAT P)

“Wow, it’s so strange that this armor fits me so perfectly. ―Who’s there?” Alisa noticed someone standing behind the treasure chest.

“W-wait, p-please don’t kill me,” the Dezolian said in a panic as he got up to run. “I came here to pick laerma berries, and then I got caught by the thugs in this tower.”

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 316


“Okay, sure,” said Alisa.

Tyrone and the others looked uneasy. Alisa reassuringly winked at them.

It seemed that even the man himself was not expecting her to say okay so readily. The man was stumbling over his words and scratching at the scar on his face.

“—I-Is that so? Here, this is the weapon,” said the man, pulling out something from a large bag.

 “It’s a Missile Launcher for Mammoth Hunting. It’s an antique, so you’d never find one in some Armor Shop. They’ve stopped production on this type of warhead, actually. It can only shoot once, but the power is outstanding. This thing can take out huge beasts like Mammoths and Dragons in only one hit.”

“But I thought it could only shoot once,” said Tyrone.

“Okay — so then don’t miss, then. That shouldn’t be a problem for you, right? Unless you think you can’t do it,” teased Alisa.

“O-of course I can!” stammered Tyrone.

“So, it’s settled then.” Alisa, smiled sweetly. (Erase the AMBER EYE from your Item list and write in MISSILE LAUNCHER.)

After parting ways with the man, Alisa and her comrades:

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 300


Lowering his head, the village chief received their money (-200 MESETA).

After that, he presented Alisa and her comrades with a treasure box in exchange for the payment.

“The shield inside is called the ‘Shield of Perseus’.”

“Oh! The shield that Perseus once used! In ancient times, it is said he used it to  slay Medusa,” said Tyrone with excitement as he examined it. It was quite heavy, so naturally the only one who could wield it would be Tyrone. (Obtain item PERSEUS’ SHIELD, +3 COMBAT P)

Alisa and her comrades exited the village via the underground passageway that the village chief told them about. Thanks to that, they were able to exit safely outside of the gas cloud. They returned to the spaceship Luveno, which was still parked outside the village of Uzo.

Where should they go from here?

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 298


The Dragon Wise let out a howl and floated up into the sky. It turned its neck around and flew towards Alisa! This took everyone by surprise; no one was able to help. 

(Big brother, give me strength).  At that moment, her small frame danced in the sky.

The Dragon Wise continued flying straight, crashing into a large stone-laden wall.  

The stone wall crumbled and fell apart, causing bits of rock to fall on the dragon.

The Dragon Wise extended its neck out as bricks fell and shattered off of it. Alisa then stabbed her sword through its throat! The dragon exhaled one last breath of fire into the sky and then collapsed.

“You did it, Alisa! Even I’ve never beaten a monster this size before,” said Tyrone.

Alisa panted in reply.

Alisa grabbed the jewel from the dragon’s forehead and then sat down with a plop. Finally relieving some stress, she loosened up her tense muscles. (Obtain item AMBER EYE, +2 MAGIC P, +200 MESETA)

“I-incredible! The Dragon Wise was really defeated! And by a girl, no less!” exclaimed the villagers who were just cowering moments ago. They began to gather around.

The villagers told Alisa about a village called Sopia which was nearby. Due to a gas that surrounds the village, there are many people who have carelessly gone there, never to come back. (Action Chart – Check “G”)

“That sounds suspicious. Maybe even La Shiec himself is there…” 

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 287


Wanting to find out more, Alisa and party decided to head for the Altiplano Plateau.

“Hey, aren’t those red berries over there the laerma berries?  They weren’t very difficult to find at all,” said Alisa.

“But what are they even good for? We don’t even know. It’s just extra baggage at this point,” complained Tyrone.

“Tyrone, you’re big and strong, right? You can carry them without a problem, right?”

“……” Tyrone had no come back.

(Obtain item LAERMA BERRIES; write it down on your Item List)

Returning to Skure, Alisa and the group took off on the spaceship Luveno. Their destination, of course, was planet Palma.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 272


Alisa and her comrades tried going to where the tower was.

In the midst of the snow, they found multiple ruins that resembled a tower, but they were unable to find any vestiges of the actual tower they sought.

“Huh ― what’s this?” Alisa picked up a pot that came rolling down from the icy hills above. “Wow, this is my brother’s pot – the one that Nekise gave me. It must be,” she confirmed. (Obtain item LACONIAN POT)

Right when she picked it up, a large shadow was cast upon them from above.

It was a Mammoth! Two of them, in fact ― they were separated from the herd they saw earlier!

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 268


<Tandle!> —Listening to those words, it was clear that death was the intention. Of all things, the Chaos Sorcerer utilized the most powerful esper ability of all!

A white and blue electricity floated up into the sky, becoming a huge orb. Then it happened right when the orb began to burst open.

“This is bad!” Tajim went flying towards the orb.

With a terrific sound, the elder’s body bounced off of it! The unpleasant smell of cooked flesh began to waft around.

“Master Tajim!”

<Damn! Just one more second and you all would have been killed!>

Lutz removed his hood. His cerulean hair shone brilliantly. The intense anger radiating from his body was felt by Alisa.

“I will show you no mercy, you bastard!” Lutz yelled with an intensity unheard of up until now.

Lutz slipped through the monster’s swinging ax and rushed in. The tip of his staff smashed the Dark Marauder’s face!

Lutz then rushed towards Tajim. Being held by Alisa, the old man’s breathing was already faint.

“My dear apprentice, Lutz… You have grown so much beyond my expectations…. I am proud to die so that you may live on… There’s something in that treasure box over there that I’d like to give you. It should be helpful…. in your upcoming battle…. against La Shiec….” These words were Tajim’s last. (Action Chart – Check “H”)

(They found a MIRACLE KEY and an esper item, the FRAD MANTLE. Write them down on your Item List. Add 10 MAGIC P.)

Lutz put on the Frad Mantle, a memento from his master.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 237


The moment Alisa opened the box, needles came flying out, cutting up her arms. (-1 COMBAT P) 

“Ouch! What is that!” yelled Alisa. “—There’s some kind of weird machine in here.”

“Are you okay? Hmm ― that machine appears to be a Gas Cleaner. Let’s take it ― it may come in handy later.” (Obtain item GAS CLEANER)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 214



The cat dodged the flames and ran towards the dragons. Running between their legs, he went around to their rear before finally attacking!

The narrowness of the passageway ended up working in their favor. Because of the large size of the Green Dragon ― the two of them, that is ― they weren’t able to turn themselves around.

While the enemy was distracted with Myau, Alisa closed in. She swiftly swung her sword at its mouth! Instead of spitting out fire, the dragon was now choking up blood.

By the time she turned around, Tyrone had already taken care of the other one.

“There’s a treasure box,” Lutz said, opening it right away. “Oh, wow, not only is there money, but there’s a sword in here too. It’s made of Laconia. The sharpness on this sword is amazing.”

Alisa took the sword. (+200 MESETA; Obtain item LACONIAN SWORD, +5 COMBAT P)

“This sword is really incredible. Now that I’ve got this, there’s no reason to stay here.”