Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 302


Aiming for the Gaia’s chest, Alisa swung her sword. However, due to its thick skin and body hair, it did very little damage.

The Gaia then squeezed its tree trunk arms around an alarmed Alisa.

“Let me go, you animal! Ah, I guess you really are an animal, huh… Ow, m-my bones are going to break… If I puke my guts out, you’re gonna be the one who has to clean it up… oof…” (-3 HP)

“Alisa!” Tyrone and the others came attacking it from behind. However, the monster remained unfazed. 

Alisa, now growing faint, suddenly had an idea. 


Still pressed against its chest, she inhaled as deeply as she could and screamed into the Gaia’s ear!

The attack managed to surprise the monster, who then proceeded to throw Alisa. Seizing their chance, Tyrone and Lutz attacked the Gaia in its vital areas. With its heart and throat now slashed, the monster finally died. 

“That’s what you get,” said Alisa, kicking the monster, taking pleasure in her revenge.

Because the road up ahead was a dead end, Alisa and the group back tracked towards the passageway from whence they came.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 286


Machinery buzzed and whirred as the Vulcan opened its mouth. A blazing wind came shooting out of its mouth, hot enough to burn bare skin!

Alisa and her comrades flung themselves out of the way.

But the monster wasn’t done yet. Next, he swung down his massive fists! His target appeared to be the ground.

Alisa attacked the monster’s heels. This ended up having a bigger effect than Alisa had imagined.

The Vulcan sharply collapsed to its knees. As if vomiting blood, magma began to pour out from its mouth before its whole body fell and broke apart.

“Phew, finding its weak spot in one strike was really lucky….”

Up ahead was a dead-end, so Alisa and party returned to the hallway they were previously in.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 243


The Gaia roared and swung his arms around, which were as thick as tree trunks.

Alisa managed to slip past his arms but was soon buried in the Gaia’s chest. She stamped down on the monster’s feet — however, the Gaia felt nothing, as if an insect had landed on it.

“Ah, high threshold for pain, huh? Then how about this!”

Alisa kicked the monster in its groin with the tip of her boot! The Gaia collapsed as if in great pain. Alisa was able to easily deal the final blow. 

“Man, that’s a vicious way to win.”

“Whatever could you mean, Tyrone?” Alisa asked, grinning sweetly.

“Er —um— what I mean is that you’ve gotten good at battles,” replied Tyrone. Above Tyrone, Myau shrugged his shoulders.

Up ahead was a dead-end, so Alisa and party returned to the previous passageway.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 141


The two Green Slimes came flying at Alisa’s head and latched onto her face. 

Alisa, unable to breathe, struggled and squirmed before falling over. (-1 HP)

However, because she fell forward, she managed to crush the Green Slimes. It wasn’t a body press; it was a face press.

“Oh, yuck, I hate this! Whoever’s responsible for this better come out!”  Alisa was the type to get emotionally worked up and attack. “On top of that, I’ve reached a dead end already… I’ve gotta turn around.”

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 20


Alisa’s blade danced brilliantly.

As she was putting her sword back into its scabbard, the remains of the Wing-Eyes came falling to the ground. Alisa took care of those two in no time. She took a deep breath. 

The road she took came to a dead end. Not having any other choice, she turned around.