Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 376


Alisa and her comrades ascended the staircase. They continued going up for quite a long while before finally arriving at the top. The landing had a curved passageway that went north, immediately followed by a crossroad.

While they were deciding where to go, the shutters closed behind them. Now there was no way for them to go back down.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 340


The Dezolian Heads came shooting beam guns at them. It was a close quarters shoot out!

Alisa & party, unfazed by the beams, plunged right in! The enemy began to panic and their marksmanship was thrown off. With the swing of a sword, Alisa mowed down the Dezolian Heads!

“W-we s-surrenderrr! You guys are better than uus!”

“Ohoho! You can just call me Your Majesty the Queen! Just kidding….What? It’s called a joke!”

According to the Dezolian Head’s story, their friends were nearby here. 

For now, Alisa and party approach the T-fork up ahead and:

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 311


A group of lanky, gangly monsters lie in wait for the group at the T-fork up ahead.

“They look like Dezolians,” said Alisa, referring to the native people of this planet.

“Noo. We are much better than any regular old Dezolians — weee are Dezolian Heads. We will exterminate you for going against Lord La Shiec. We will prove we are better than yoou!”

Dezolian Heads: 41 + BATTLE P (1-H)

Alisa & Party: COMBAT P + BATTLE P (2-B)