Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 396


The Flame Dragon began to spit bright red flames at them. Suddenly the temperature became unbearably hot! The surfaces of their shields and armor began to melt! 

Alisa and party felt as though they might pass out from the extreme heat. (-2 HP) 

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 393


The Ice Men blasted them with their freezing cold breath. But it was no ordinary breath blast. Countless particles of rock hard ice were infused in it!


The blast had terrific force. Their armor took a direct hit, caving in just like a moon crater. Naturally, their unprotected flesh areas were all bloodstained. (-4 HP)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 390


Alisa jumped in towards the Machine Guarder, dodging its beam. She moved in to slash the camera on its head. 

Or so she tried, but this was a combat robot, after all; it saw right through her plan. With the flick of an arm, it sent Alisa flying off, armor and everything! (-1 HP)

The Machine Guarder went in to finish her off, but the robot suddenly collapsed; white plumes of smoke rose up from its body. Beyond the smoke, Tyrone’s face could be seen.

“Y’know, this isn’t a 1v1. Don’t be so reckless.”

The group backtracked to where they came from. 

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 388


Soaring high, Myau dodged the flames. He flew around over the back of the dragon; the party took out their weapons and attacked! 

However, due to the dragon’s hard and tough skin, they could barely do any damage.

The Gold Drake, now angry, thrashed his tail violently at Myau, striking him!  The shock from the attack sent Alisa flying off into the air! (-2 HP)

“Shi–!” Alisa was holding onto the dragon’s wing for dear life. 

There’s only one way to beat this monster….

Alisa, making up her mind, cut the wing of the dragon off, knowing it was her own lifeline as much as it was the Gold Drake’s. 

Alisa made up her mind. She began cutting off the dragon’s wing, knowing full well that it was the Gold Drake’s lifeline just as much as it was her own. 

The now one-winged Gold Drake, no longer able to maintain flight, went into a tailspin and began to plummet to the ground! Alisa lost consciousness from the shock….

Hunhhff…. Alisa regained consciousness, finding herself held tightly in a strong pair of arms. 


“You’ve come to? I caught you just in time, you were about to become splattered.” 

Alisa’s face turned red suddenly and she distanced herself from Tyrone. Then, in a small voice, she thanked him.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 384


Alisa engaged in a fierce sword fight against the King Saber. Their sword skills were just about equal. 

However, the enemy had another weapon, as well. Though it looked like he was moving his rear legs up, he used his front legs to unleash a massive kick! Alisa’s small framed body was sent flying! (-2 HP)

“You’re finished now!” the King Saber said as he pulled out a beam gun from his hip.

 However, Lutz quickly knocked the gun out of his hand.

“That’s rather unsporting of you, resorting to such tactics in battle against a young lady.”

“Fool, victory is the only thing that matters in battle! Grrrrrraaaar!” Alisa’s sword pierced through the King Saber’s chest plate armor.

“You’re right about that. But only if it’s my victory,” said Alisa.

Alisa and party continued down the corridor that the King Saber had been blocking.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 379


The Golem reached both hands out in an attempt to smother Alisa. She dodged it and then quickly thrust her sword into the monster’s chest! It collapsed to the ground with a thud.

“Aw, that went by too quickly. ―Ahhh!”

Suddenly, a spike of severe pain shot through Alisa’s ankle. The Golem’s fingers dug into her skin. Using only its fingertips and its super strength, the monster flipped Alisa upside down and sent her flying across the corridor. Tyrone nearly caught her, but the two of them ended up getting slammed against a wall! (-2 HP)

As the Golem tried to get back to its feet, Lutz tapped it on the forehead with his staff. Upon doing so, miraculously, the creature ceased all movement. Apparently Lutz targeted a major pressure point. 

“I hope I never get on Lutz’s bad side…” said Alisa, getting back up to her feet.

The group returned to the previous passageway, continuing their search for La Shiec.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 365


Alisa’s sword split the monster right in two!

“These guys aren’t so tough!”

Suddenly an attack came from behind. Whoosh! The Execute’s long tail wrapped itself around Alisa’s neck. The sharp talon’s on the end of its tail stabbed into Alisa’s shoulder blade! It seems there was a bit of poison on the tips; her vision became blurred. (-1 COMBAT P, -1 HP)

“You bastard!” Tyrone grabbed the creature by its tail and slammed it against the wall. Myau and Lutz finished the job and wiped out the last two.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m okay, just a little bit wobbly. But more importantly — what if that sting leaves a scar??” 

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 362


“My goodness, Alisa! How you’ve changed!” said Suelo as she hugged Alisa.

Having made it back home to Palma, Alisa decided to stop by and visit her only family. As she introduced her friends to her aunt, Suelo did a curtsy and bowed her head deeply, wishing to show respect.

“Thank you so much for taking care of my Alisa, I’m sure she has put you all through a lot of trouble.”

“Not at all, we couldn’t do it without her. But anyway, how are things going around here?”

Aunt Suelo’s face fell. Taxes were now higher than ever, and anyone who objected to it got rounded up and killed by monsters. Somehow or other, this evil cult seemed to have the power to summon monsters from other worlds.

“That bastard La Shiec…We must put an end to his life as soon as possible!”

“You should rest here for tonight, at least. I have a spare room for you, Lutz, and Tyrone, too. At any rate, you must rest your body so you can fight, or even an easy battle will become unwinnable.”

Alisa and her comrades did as they were told. The moment she laid down, Alisa fell into a deep sleep. And then, she dreamt of her brother…. (+3 HP, +2 MAGIC P)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 361


The moment she opened the lid, Alisa was sent flying! The treasure box was rigged with a bomb. It wasn’t very small, fortunately, so the injuries weren’t too terrible. (-3 HP, -1 COMBAT P)

“Ow, ow, ow, what kind horrible person puts a bomb in a treasure box!”

While still grumbling, Alisa and the rest returned to the passageway they came from.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 354


Suddenly, the Mammoth’s trunk extended towards Alisa and grabbed her. It began to crush her with incredible strength. (-2 HP, -1 COMBAT P) Next, the great beast made an attempt to stab Alisa with its tusks.

“Oh, no you don’t!”

In the next instant, Alisa pierced her sword into the Mammoth’s forehead!


The Mammoth threw Alisa to the ground and began stampeding around wildly!  Tyrone and the others were left in a scramble to avoid becoming trampled. The beast finally came to a stop when it crashed head first into the rear wall.

“Just like a train with broken brakes,” remarked Alisa. “Ow, ow, ow.” A hobbling Alisa got back up to her feet.