Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 416


Lutz used Reverse, a magic spell that can bring the dead back to life. (-5 MAGIC P)

“Nnn.. huh? Did I.. come back to life?” Alisa stood up and stretched her arms up into the air.

“C’mon now, we can’t have the main character just dyin’ on us here,” said Tyrone.

“Well, it was unavoidable. —Oh, there’s a treasure box. There’s money and a sword in here.” (Obtain item LACONIAN SWORD, +200 MESETA)

“That’s made of Laconia, yes? Now that you have such a powerful weapon, I imagine our visit here won’t be long,” remarked Lutz.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 392


Dark Falz opened its mouth wide; a giant bolt of lightning came flying at them!

It burst at their feet, throwing Alisa and the group onto the stone steps.

“Oof! Can you still move?” asked Tyrone.

“Yeah, somehow. I can still fight,” replied Alisa.

“Okay then, let’s counterattack!”

Alisa and the her comrades, now having recovered from the surprise attack, got into their battle stances. 

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 362


“My goodness, Alisa! How you’ve changed!” said Suelo as she hugged Alisa.

Having made it back home to Palma, Alisa decided to stop by and visit her only family. As she introduced her friends to her aunt, Suelo did a curtsy and bowed her head deeply, wishing to show respect.

“Thank you so much for taking care of my Alisa, I’m sure she has put you all through a lot of trouble.”

“Not at all, we couldn’t do it without her. But anyway, how are things going around here?”

Aunt Suelo’s face fell. Taxes were now higher than ever, and anyone who objected to it got rounded up and killed by monsters. Somehow or other, this evil cult seemed to have the power to summon monsters from other worlds.

“That bastard La Shiec…We must put an end to his life as soon as possible!”

“You should rest here for tonight, at least. I have a spare room for you, Lutz, and Tyrone, too. At any rate, you must rest your body so you can fight, or even an easy battle will become unwinnable.”

Alisa and her comrades did as they were told. The moment she laid down, Alisa fell into a deep sleep. And then, she dreamt of her brother…. (+3 HP, +2 MAGIC P)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 351


“There’s only two of ‘em, this shouldn’t be too difficult,”  said Tyrone coolly as he drew his Laser Gun and began blasting. Pew! Pew!

The laser sliced the Mammoth’s trunk right off of its face. With the tilt of a wrist, the laser beam moved and continued slicing through the huge beast’s body. 

The Laser Gun’s massive power output was capable of producing much greater damage than either the Needle Gun or the Heat Gun. The Mammoth let out a death roar just as the gun’s photon energy ran out. Alisa and the others finished off the second Mammoth. (+1 COMBAT P, +2 MAGIC P)

“That was an impressive display, Tyrone,” remarked Lutz.

“Eh, this thing can only take on one or two of those big guys at a time. I would’ve been screwed if there had been more,” replied Tyrone as he replaced the energy cartridge on his gun.

The group returned to the outskirts of Aukbal. Eventually, after wandering around in circles for awhile, they came across another tower. 

“This must be Corona Tower, I guess. Or not. Who knows, since half the townspeople are liars,” said Alisa, who apparently was talking to herself.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 349


Flaeli! Lutz launched a series of fireballs at Dark Falz. It was enough to make even the great demon flinch for a moment, but the battle was from over.
Flaeli! Lutz launched a series of fire balls at Dark Falz. It was enough to make even the great demon flinch for a moment, but the battle was from over.

“Flaeli!” A series of fire balls came flying out from Lutz’s staff! (-2 MAGIC P)

The attack made a direct hit on the center of Dark Falz’ chest, enough to make even the great demon falter for a moment.

“It’s no use. We’ll never defeat it like this. We’d need to use much stronger magic techniques…” said Lutz, biting his lip.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 341


The Executors closed in on Alisa’s group!


A tail with sharp talons on the end brushed against Alisa’s neck.

“Yeesh, that was close!”

 The second and third Executors continued their assault.

“What’s up with these guys. Why do they only go for me!”

“Maybe you did something to them and they’ve been holding a grudge,” joked Tyrone.  

“Don’t be ridiculous! —but jeez, these guys are relentless!”

Alisa launched a powerful counterattack. She swung her sword with all her might, slicing an Execute in half! 

“Hii-yah!” Alisa launched a powerful counterattack. She swung her sword with all her might, slicing the Execute in half!
“Hii-yah!” Alisa launched a powerful counterattack. She swung her sword with all her might, slicing the Execute in half!

“OK guys, we can’t let Alisa steal all the glory!”

Tyrone grabbed one of the remaining Executes by the tail and slammed it against the wall.

Myau and Lutz finished the job and wiped out the last two. (+1 MAGIC P)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 339


<Wait!> Myau stopped Alisa from opening the treasure box.

<It’s rigged with a bomb,> said Myau, who used the magic spell Rapt to see through the box’s trap. (-2 MAGIC P)

“Wow, that was close. Thanks, Myau.”

Ruoginin was inside the box, a health replenishing item. (Drink it to replenish +4 HP).

Alisa and party returned to the corridor.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 331


A battle against a beast like this should not be dragged out. Alisa knew she had to end it fast in order to win.

She jumped, avoiding the tusks of the Mammoth, and thrust her sword right into the forehead of the beast!

“Everyone, look out!”

The Mammoth now ran around wildly, blood pouring out profusely from its forehead, leaving Tyrone and the rest in a desperate scramble to avoid becoming trampled. The Mammoth finally came to a stop when it crashed head first into the rear wall.

“Hah, just like a train with broken brakes.” (+1 MAGIC P)