Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 350


Tyrone glanced down to see that a laerma berry had rolled out of his pocket. The berry had a more poisonous looking color to it compared to how it looked on Dezolis. 

Unbeknownst to our friends, laerma berries must be stored in laconian pots; otherwise, they become poisonous.

Instinctively, Myau nibbled on the laerma berry. Suddenly, Myau began to glow as a dazzling light wrapped around him. Then, in a flash, he transformed into a marvelous beast with great big, beautiful wings. (-3 COMBAT P due to the effect of the poison). 

“Myau! Is this the special phenomena that happens when a musk cat eats a laerma berry? I guess you were a musk cat all along, Myau!”

“Wow, Tyrone, you’re his owner and you didn’t even know that?” said Alisa in disbelief. “But is he okay? He looks like he’s in pain…”

<I’m okay! More importantly, everyone, hurry and get on my back! We’re going for a ride!>

By the time the monsters had made it to the rooftop, Myau was already up in the sky, far above Baya Malay.

“Oh, look at that! A castle just appeared!” exclaimed Alisa.

A humongous castle suddenly emerged in the once empty sky. This was the Air Castle, the stronghold of La Shiec! The castle only appears when a musk cat takes flight and approaches it. In fact, that is the whole reason the laerma berry became a forbidden item.

Upon learning of their impending arrival to the Air Castle, La Shiec dispatched a special minion to greet the group. It was a Gold Drake, and it was a dragon of gargantuan proportions — the biggest one they’d ever seen! 

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