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Welcome to my humble English translation repository for all things related to classic Phantasy Star. I am currently working on translating Alisa’s Adventure. If you have any questions, requests, etc, feel free to ask! C:

Latest updates:

Epilogue is now up

Ok guys, the epilogue is up now! And so now, officially, the story for Alisa’s Adventure is FULLY translated. (The afterword doesn’t count because it’s not part of the story, ha! I will translate it though. But tbh it’s a bit lower on my priority list, haha.)

I’ll probably work on art next because my current enthusiasm is geared towards picking a cool color for Neithird’s hair. Though I did find Yoshibon’s twitter account, I guess I could just ask him… (hm.. If I do this I’ll report back on my findings)

Update: Nope, not Yoshibon’s twitter. Just another animator who also has the name Yoshida Tohru T_T Going to search more though.

Update 2: Found it!!! https://twitter.com/yoshibon_club

All 420 Mini Chapters are done!

Yay! Milestone reached! All 420 chapters are officially translated. Wow! It only took me.. 10 years… lol. Well, only 3-4 months of actual work, but it just got stretched out a bit over a period of time… oops!

I’m tired now…. excuse me while I nap…

I promise I will work on the Epilogue and Afterword soon :3

Edit: Now that I’m awake, I think after this, I am thinking about making a PDF version with clickable links to the mini chapters within it. Idk if anyone is interested in that though? The wordpress one is cooler IMO but it’s also neat to have a PDF.

Actually, I began making a PDF version a long time ago when I first started this project, Idk if anyone remembers. I only did the beginning sections (prologue, introductory stuff, etc), the first 6 mini chapters, and then back cover, but it’s neat nonetheless. After I made some mini chapters I realized I would need to do a different format and went with the WordPress idea.

But if anyone is curious, I still have that PDF actually, in all of its short pitifulness. Here is the old PDF with the first 30 pages in English.

25 to go!

Ok! Mini Chapters 1-395 are up. That means only 25 are left! Less than that really, since I went and filled in some easy ones here and there (ie, Go north or south at the fork? Lol, I call those ‘freebies’ when I’m knee deep in translating the longer ones). Anyway, things are looking good, will definitely finish before September ends. Yay!

Here is some fanart I did awhile ago that i recently unearthed. BEHOLD: a trio of Neis. (L to R: Neifirst, Neisecond, and Neithird)

New art & futabasha update

So just a small update for Alisa’s Adventure. Mini Chapters 1-381 are translated now. My pace has slowed down a bit but I feel like I’m definitely on the home stretch, 39 to go!

Also I did some new artwork for the website, the Myau and a depiction of Algol which you may or may not have noticed since I’ve been updating the site’s appearance here and there.

The Myau pic comes from the back of the Futabasha 1 cover, rendered in Adobe Illustrator. the Algol image was also rendered in Illustrator. :v Though I realize now that maybe Palma and Motavia look like they’re on the same orbital plane or something, lmao oh well. Until next time!

Added a gallery

Just some quick updates. I added a gallery showcasing all of the illustrations in the Alisa’s Adventure art. Will add art for some other publications later, and I will collect my Phantasy Star fanart and put it up in the next update.

As far as translation work updates go, I’ve done up to Mini Chapter 360. Yay! Only 60 to go. I translated 40 of them in like 4 days so I guess that was kind of fast. Let’s see if I can finish them all before September ends =D

BTW guys if you spot any typos, goofy sounding English, a non-working link or anything at all, pls let me know! Thanks 🙂

Update for Alisa’s Adventure

So I created categories to better organize the Mini Chapters for Alisa’s Adventure for anyone who wants to read them in numerical order:

I’ve also gotten up to Mini Chapter 316 online. I’ve translated up to 322. Now I will have to finish translating the other 98 Mini Chapters. Law school did start again, and my free time is slipping away, but I will keep updating this for now as much as I can 🙂 It might take another month to finish but it’ll get done.

Third Chapter 1 is up

Hi guys!

I was so excited the other day to see I had comments! Yay, people are reading this! C:

Since there was an interest in seeing Third Chapter 1, I went ahead and finished the translation and uploaded it. Please enjoy!! There is a Yoshibon chapter that kind of continues Chapter 3’s story (kind of but not really, you will see). I will do that next since it’s only 5 pages. See you next update!