Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 420


Tyrone and Lutz came attacking Dark Falz from opposite sides!

The power of the Dark Lord of Chaos was unimaginable, even against a highly trained warrior and an esper. The demon proved he was more than capable of easily taking the both of them on simultaneously, while fighting evenly-matched battles against each.

In addition, Myau came jumping in from behind! But it was as thought he had no effect at all, for the monster simply ignored him.

But then, Dark Falz suddenly let out a roar that knocked back all 3 of them at once.

<—Where’s the girl?!>

“The Dark Lord of Chaos” withered away as if hundreds of years had passed. Alisa had finally avenged her brother!
“The Dark Lord of Chaos” withered away as if hundreds of years had passed. Alisa had finally avenged her brother!

“Right here!”

Alisa jumped out from the fog that enshrouded the bottom half of Dark Falz! She was right underfoot! 

The very next moment, her sword pierced right through Dark Falz’s forehead!


The great body of the  “Dark Lord of Chaos” slumped over and twitched. —Then, as if hundreds of years had passed, its body withered away into dust and fragments…

 A man was left lying in the pile of debris that used to be Dark Falz.

“It’s the Governor of Motavia!” yelled Tyrone. “So then, was he just pretending to be anti-La Shiec this whole time? Was he the true mastermind behind everything!?” 

“No, I think he was only being manipulated, too,” replied Alisa. “But we’ve got more important things to worry about right now. We need to get out of here ASAP!” 

Alisa grabbed the Governor’s unconscious body and forced him inside the cockpit in a hurry. Soon, the rescue craft departed.

Right behind them, the flaming ruins of the Air Castle had begun crashing down onto the hills of Baya Malay… they had only just barely managed to escape.

Alisa leaned back into her seat and relived the long, painful battle in her mind. Even when she tried to clear her mind of it, the memories just came gushing forth like an overflowing dam.

Big brother… Alisa mumbled to herself softly and soon fell into a deep sleep.


• Epilogue → 

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 411


The group made it to the bottom of the tower.

“Yuck, what bad taste. The walls are all engraved with a tacky snake pattern,” criticized Alisa, looking up at the narrow tower.

Once inside, the group approached a fork in the road. Suddenly, a shutter closed behind them.

“Hahahaha, this is Medusa’s Tower! You came here to die, you fools!” echoed the voice of a creepy woman. It was unclear where the voice came from.

“There’s no mistake, that’s the voice of the monster herself.”

Of course, it was obvious who Tyrone was referring to. The one and only monster he’s ever lost to — Medusa.

“Let’s go! I’m gonna find her and I’m gonna kill her this time.”

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 409


The Gold Drake came flying out, spreading out its gigantic, bright orange wings. Its huge wingspan was big enough to fit at least 10 Big Myau’s .

“All that giant size stuff is just a bluff. Watch this!”

Tyrone hoisted the Missile Launcher up to his shoulder.

Tyrone fired a missile that exploded right on the Gold Drake’s belly! It only took one shot to take down the giant dragon.
Tyrone fired a missile that exploded right on the Gold Drake’s belly! It only took one shot to take down the giant dragon.

The Gold Drake opened up its mouth and got ready to spit fire.

“Ya dumb bastard!  This here is a heat seeking missile.”

Indeed, Tyrone was correct. The missile that he launched went soaring through the air, and as if it were alive, chased after the Gold Drake, exploding right on its belly! Pieces of meat and guts went splattering in all directions, and the Gold Drake dropped like a stone from the sky.

“You did it!” Alisa clapped her hands.

“Man, that old hunter would be happy to know that his launcher’s last catch was that big,” said Tyrone, tossing the now missile-less missile launcher to the side. (Lose the Missile Launcher – cross it off your Item List)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 408


After six hours of travel from the planet Motavia, they were finally able to see the planet Palma.

“Where should we try this time?”

“Good question. For now, I guess we should go try Dr Luveno. He might have some information for us,” replied Tyrone.

They landed the spaceship Luveno right on top of the doctor’s house, who was evidently right in the middle of enjoying an afternoon siesta.

“You twerps!” screamed the doctor, who was now wide awake.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 388


Soaring high, Myau dodged the flames. He flew around over the back of the dragon; the party took out their weapons and attacked! 

However, due to the dragon’s hard and tough skin, they could barely do any damage.

The Gold Drake, now angry, thrashed his tail violently at Myau, striking him!  The shock from the attack sent Alisa flying off into the air! (-2 HP)

“Shi–!” Alisa was holding onto the dragon’s wing for dear life. 

There’s only one way to beat this monster….

Alisa, making up her mind, cut the wing of the dragon off, knowing it was her own lifeline as much as it was the Gold Drake’s. 

Alisa made up her mind. She began cutting off the dragon’s wing, knowing full well that it was the Gold Drake’s lifeline just as much as it was her own. 

The now one-winged Gold Drake, no longer able to maintain flight, went into a tailspin and began to plummet to the ground! Alisa lost consciousness from the shock….

Hunhhff…. Alisa regained consciousness, finding herself held tightly in a strong pair of arms. 


“You’ve come to? I caught you just in time, you were about to become splattered.” 

Alisa’s face turned red suddenly and she distanced herself from Tyrone. Then, in a small voice, she thanked him.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 370


Alisa and her comrades dove to the floor, avoiding the fire breath of the Flame Dragon. Getting back to her feet, Alisa maneuvered underneath the enemy and thrust her sword into its soft belly!

Myau then jumped up and began scratching and gouging at the dragon’s eyes. The Flame Dragon let out a piercing howl and fell over writhing in pain. Tyrone finished it off by slicing clean through its neck.

The party won the battle with unanticipated ease; somehow they had become more powerful than they had thought.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 363


“Gotta bust this bad boy out already, eh?” said Tyrone as he hoisted the Missile Launcher up to his shoulder.

“But you only have one missile! There’s no way you’re going to take them all out like that. You need at least two or three of them,” said Alisa.

“Just watch!”

Tyrone fired the launcher! A missile came flying out with a plume of white of smoke following it like a streamer. The missile sailed through the air before finally striking the bluff of an icy cliff.

“What! You completely missed the mark. You are terrible at this!” 

“… ya think so?  Wait for it.”

Suddenly, the icy wall made a rumbling noise and began to shake and crumble!  The blast from the missile set off an avalanche of snow from the top. Giant chunks of ice and snow came crashing down onto the valley floor below, burying every last Mammoth.

“Wooooow! Tyrone, you wiped them all out with just one shot! You’re Algol’s greatest genius!”

However, the avalanche also destroyed the tower along with the Mammoths….

“Sigh… I take it back. You’re Algol’s greatest screw-up,” huffed Alisa.

“Aw, come on…” replied Tyrone.  (Lose the Missile Launcher)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 351


“There’s only two of ‘em, this shouldn’t be too difficult,”  said Tyrone coolly as he drew his Laser Gun and began blasting. Pew! Pew!

The laser sliced the Mammoth’s trunk right off of its face. With the tilt of a wrist, the laser beam moved and continued slicing through the huge beast’s body. 

The Laser Gun’s massive power output was capable of producing much greater damage than either the Needle Gun or the Heat Gun. The Mammoth let out a death roar just as the gun’s photon energy ran out. Alisa and the others finished off the second Mammoth. (+1 COMBAT P, +2 MAGIC P)

“That was an impressive display, Tyrone,” remarked Lutz.

“Eh, this thing can only take on one or two of those big guys at a time. I would’ve been screwed if there had been more,” replied Tyrone as he replaced the energy cartridge on his gun.

The group returned to the outskirts of Aukbal. Eventually, after wandering around in circles for awhile, they came across another tower. 

“This must be Corona Tower, I guess. Or not. Who knows, since half the townspeople are liars,” said Alisa, who apparently was talking to herself.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 334


Myau, Tyrone, Lutz and Alisa’s bodies were soon completely engulfed in blazing flames.

Alisa used every last ounce of her strength to try and cut her way through the fiery blaze, but she was soon overwhelmed by the inferno.

By the time the Flame Dragon’s attack had ended, their bodies had been completely incinerated. No traces of their bones remained. There was no chance they could ever be revived now, not even with the most powerful magic.

Alisa’s adventure was over. 


Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 197


“Oh, I know!” Alisa clasped her hands together. “Before going to the Armor Shop, let’s go stop by the Cake Shop!”

“Huh? You can’t beat up enemies with cake,” said Tyrone, raising his eyebrows. “Are you going to eat it? Weren’t you saying something about getting fat? How will getting even fatter help you?”

“How rude! It’s a gift — A GIFT! Didn’t you know!? The Governor of Motavia has a sweet tooth,” said Alisa. “There it is, let’s go buy some cake from that shop!”

Alisa dragged a dumbfounded Tyrone into the Cake Shop with her.

The shop had a sign out in front which read, “Please excuse us for running a shop in a place like this”.

“What’s up with that sign?”

A girl wearing sexy clothes appeared. If you win the battle against her with 60 + BATTLE P (1-H), you can obtain her clothes (just kidding).
A girl wearing sexy clothes appeared. If you win the battle against her with 60 + BATTLE P (1-H), you can obtain her clothes (just kidding).

“Welcome! The sign comes from the slogan our ancestors used to use, they used to run this shop somewhere deep in an underground maze. But anyway, would you like some Cheese Cake?”

“Wow, it looks delicious! ♡” said Alisa. “This Strawberry Short Cake looks good, too. ♡”

“As for me, I really like this girl’s outfit ♡,” Tyrone interjected. “Good stuff! Alisa, could you be a dear and move out of the way?”

(Choose between either a SHORT CAKE or a CHEESE CAKE, and then write it down on your Item List. They are both the same price, so subtract 20 MESETA. Unfortunately, you cannot buy the “girl’s outfit”. Please understand.)

After they finished shopping, Alisa and party left the Cake Shop. Where is the next destination?