6. Epilogue

“Oh, you must please excuse me…. My mind and body were somehow under the influence of an evil energy…”

Back on the surface — on the hills of Baya Malay — the Governor of Motavia had just woken up.

“So Dark Falz possessed your body and controlled you, and from there went on to take control of La Shiec…. What an elaborate plan it all was…” remarked Alisa.

“But is it really over? What if there’s some other mastermind lurking in the shadows somewhere?” inquired Tyrone.

“It’s all right. I can no longer sense any trace of the ominous energy that was once flooding the whole planet,” responded Lutz.

“Just thinking about it sends a chill down my spine. I can’t believe I had a monster like that inside of me. It’s like I didn’t even notice it. What a terrifying creature… You did an excellent job by slaying Dark Falz. You saved me just in the nick of time; any later and who knows what would have happened. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“I did it mostly for myself, to be honest. I needed to avenge my brother…. But, I guess in the end, La Shiec was just another pawn; just another tool of ‘Chaos’….”

Tears glistened in Alisa’s eyes. 

“Alisa — there is something I would like to tell you,” said the Governor, slowly rising.

“What is it?”

“It’s about your father,” began the Governor. “The truth is, he was actually the King of the Algol Star System. He passed away in what was deemed to be an ‘accidental death’. However, at the time, it was clear that a powerful and ambitious man named La Shiec had been conspiring behind the scenes. It was feared that even the royal children would be targeted, so Suelo took in you and your brother and raised you as normal private citizens. Therefore, it is no wonder that you would want revenge.”

Dazed by the sudden new information, Alisa was at a loss for words.

“The symbol of evil, the Air Castle, has now fallen — La Shiec is no more. Alisa, how would you feel about succeeding your father’s role to become the new Queen of Algol?”

Alisa did not answer right away, and instead surveyed the hills around Baya Malay. The once gloomy skies had now become sunny, and a soothing wind was now blowing gently. Did the breeze somehow know about the long and painful battle that Alisa and her friends just endured? 

Alisa turned around, and an image reflected in her eyes of her comrades who had been fighting alongside her all this time. 

Tyrone, the giant.

Lutz, the mysterious.

And lastly, Myau, the adorable.

Turning towards the Governor, Alisa stated her reply….

* * *

“Wow, who would’ve thought that a nagging tomboy like her would end up becoming Queen? Life is pretty crazy sometimes, eh, Lutz?” joked Tyrone.

“Actually, I had always secretly suspected as much. That girl has the eyes of a Queen.”

“Huh? You gotta be kidding me.”

“It’s true. That said, however,” continued Lutz, “I would have to agree with you on the opinion that there is no way that Alisa would be content to just idly spend her time sitting on a palace throne.” 

“Right? I thought so too, so I came up with something.”

* * *

Alisa awoke to listless beams of sunlight shining into her room. Her new bedroom and bedding were far more elegant than what she was used to. No, scratch that; compared to the life she lived growing up with her brother, life in the royal palace was an entirely different world.

Yet, there was something missing…

Suddenly, there was the sound of a clank! near her bedside. A small animal opened up the window and jumped inside.

“Myau! What’s up? Oh, you want me to look at this letter?”

The letter was from Tyrone, who was about to set off to explore an uncharted section of the planet Dezolis. The departure time was at 8 o’clock. The meeting place: Dr Luveno’s lab.

“Oh no! That’s only 2 hours away from now! Wait up, I’m gonna sneak out of here.”

Alisa excitedly jumped up from her bed.

The end

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