Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 420


Tyrone and Lutz came attacking Dark Falz from opposite sides!

The power of the Dark Lord of Chaos was unimaginable, even against a highly trained warrior and an esper. The demon proved he was more than capable of easily taking the both of them on simultaneously, while fighting evenly-matched battles against each.

In addition, Myau came jumping in from behind! But it was as thought he had no effect at all, for the monster simply ignored him.

But then, Dark Falz suddenly let out a roar that knocked back all 3 of them at once.

<—Where’s the girl?!>

“The Dark Lord of Chaos” withered away as if hundreds of years had passed. Alisa had finally avenged her brother!
“The Dark Lord of Chaos” withered away as if hundreds of years had passed. Alisa had finally avenged her brother!

“Right here!”

Alisa jumped out from the fog that enshrouded the bottom half of Dark Falz! She was right underfoot! 

The very next moment, her sword pierced right through Dark Falz’s forehead!


The great body of the  “Dark Lord of Chaos” slumped over and twitched. —Then, as if hundreds of years had passed, its body withered away into dust and fragments…

 A man was left lying in the pile of debris that used to be Dark Falz.

“It’s the Governor of Motavia!” yelled Tyrone. “So then, was he just pretending to be anti-La Shiec this whole time? Was he the true mastermind behind everything!?” 

“No, I think he was only being manipulated, too,” replied Alisa. “But we’ve got more important things to worry about right now. We need to get out of here ASAP!” 

Alisa grabbed the Governor’s unconscious body and forced him inside the cockpit in a hurry. Soon, the rescue craft departed.

Right behind them, the flaming ruins of the Air Castle had begun crashing down onto the hills of Baya Malay… they had only just barely managed to escape.

Alisa leaned back into her seat and relived the long, painful battle in her mind. Even when she tried to clear her mind of it, the memories just came gushing forth like an overflowing dam.

Big brother… Alisa mumbled to herself softly and soon fell into a deep sleep.


• Epilogue → 

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 410


With things like this, Dark Falz was free to do as he pleased. 

Alisa and the others were completely powerless to resist, and slowly, the “Dark Lord of Chaos” crept up on them.

<From here on out, you will obey me and be my loyal slaves. You shall replace La Shiec and be the vanguard who dominates the universe.>

This was a fate more humiliating than being killed.

Alisa was now powerless to resist, unable to even scream out “No!” 


Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 398


Dark Falz smoothly glided across the ground’s surface, evading every attack from Alisa and her comrades. Their blade tips managed to strike the monster a few times, however, due to the hardness of its body, the weapons only ricocheted.

Suddenly, Dark Falz unexpectedly began to counterattack. It rained down a series of lightning bolts onto the rescue craft from which it emerged! The fuselage was blown to pieces. 

 <Now you are all trapped here.>

“Yeah, yeah, we noticed!” 

Clinging onto the sloped cobblestone, Alisa could see the tops of the hills of Baya Malay, which seemed to be so close that she could almost touch it with her fingertips.  The flames surrounding Alisa grew and spread further, and soon the Air Castle itself was about to come crashing down onto the planet’s surface…

“Thank you for everything, Tyrone, Lutz, Myau…” 

Alisa and the Dark Lord of Chaos both disintegrated upon impact. Alisa sacrificed her life of only 15 years so that she could save the Algol star system from the hands of evil. 


Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 392


Dark Falz opened its mouth wide; a giant bolt of lightning came flying at them!

It burst at their feet, throwing Alisa and the group onto the stone steps.

“Oof! Can you still move?” asked Tyrone.

“Yeah, somehow. I can still fight,” replied Alisa.

“Okay then, let’s counterattack!”

Alisa and the her comrades, now having recovered from the surprise attack, got into their battle stances. 

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 372


Dark Falz’s eyes shined and grew in an ominous manner. It was a paralysis spell!

Before they could react, Alisa and her comrades were struck by the attack. Alisa and her comrades could no longer move their own hands or feet; not even their mouths could move.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 367


They did it! This time they were able to make some damage!?

Alisa pulled her sword from Dark Falz’s mouth.She thought she had dealt the finishing blow, but then suddenly, the beast’s fat arm sent Alisa flying! (-2 COMBAT P)

What a terrifying monster! After having its mouth penetrated by a sword blade, it can still move around like that!

The hair on Alisa’s neck stood up on end as sheer terror consumed her once again.

“Alisa, don’t forget, we are all here with you,” said Tyrone.

That’s right, everyone’s here!

Dark Falz: 58 + BATTLE P (1-G)

Alisa & Party: COMBAT P + BATTLE P (2-D)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 349


Flaeli! Lutz launched a series of fireballs at Dark Falz. It was enough to make even the great demon flinch for a moment, but the battle was from over.
Flaeli! Lutz launched a series of fire balls at Dark Falz. It was enough to make even the great demon flinch for a moment, but the battle was from over.

“Flaeli!” A series of fire balls came flying out from Lutz’s staff! (-2 MAGIC P)

The attack made a direct hit on the center of Dark Falz’ chest, enough to make even the great demon falter for a moment.

“It’s no use. We’ll never defeat it like this. We’d need to use much stronger magic techniques…” said Lutz, biting his lip.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 346


<You lot are quite irksome.>

Dark Falz opened its mouth wide and began to spit out a bolt of lightning.

At that exact moment, Alisa plunged her sword into the mouth of the demonic beast.

<Grrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!> The ‘Dark Lord of Chaos’ let out a scream so loud that it could have shattered the planet; a white and blue light came gushing from its mouth.