“Third” is a 3-chapter short series by Yoshibon (the lead designer/artist for PSII, PSIV, and the Drama CD). It appeared in the short lived SPEC fan magazine (Sega Players Enjoy Club).

Note: Chapter 2 is missing, it’s in SPEC 6 which I do not have a raw source for. If anyone gets a copy, please let me know c:

Third – Chapter 1 (SPEC 5)


Third – Chapter 2 (SPEC 6)


I’m holding out hope that one of you out there has a copy of SPEC 6 and is just dying to share the second chapter of ‘Third’ with the rest of us c:

Seriously though, if you ever find a copy, email me!


Third – Chapter 3 (SPEC 7)

Yoshibon Club (SPEC 8)

In case the cliff hanger in Chapter 3 wasn’t frustrating enough, then I bet you will not want to wait to see what Yoshibon has to say about it in SPEC 8 😀