Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 202


“You don’t have the money? Well, that’s no good. From what I saw, you looked like you had some pretty strong people with you, but anyways ―why don’t you head over to the tower south of here? I hear there’s loads of treasure in there. Naturally, the place is swarming with monsters, so no one has ever come back alive, or so I’ve heard.”

“If no one’s ever come back alive, how come you know  so much about it?” asked Alisa.

“Er, well, that’s…” the store owner stumbled on his words.

“I’m sure it’s fine, Alisa. Even if we only heard half of it, at least we’ve ascertained that there are monsters there. If we can’t exterminate some monsters, then defeating La Shiec is even more impossible,” asserted Tyrone.

What Tyrone said was correct. Alisa and her comrades got directions from the store owner, and once again returned to the southern reaches of the continent. They headed for the tower that jutted out from the rock face.

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