Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 405


They arrived on Dezolis, a planet enclosed in snow and ice.

Since the planet had only opened up recently, it did not yet have its own spaceport. So, Hapsby landed the spaceship Luveno outside the city of Skure, the one and only colony on the planet.

“Brrr, it’s so cold. This is my first time coming to Dezolis,” Alisa said as she disembarked the spaceship. She was decked out in a cute new winter outfit. 

“Hey, this is just a barren ice field. Hapsby, are you sure you took us to the right place?”

<Yes. To stay shielded from the cold environment, the city of Skure was constructed underground.>

Hapsby was correct. Alisa and the group soon saw a domed entrance nearby and went inside.

“This is a pretty long tunnel. —Ack! What is that?”

Deep inside, they could see a quivering clump of shiny gelatinous blobs. There were 6 of them in total.

“Those are Blue Slimes! Is this really the right way to Skure?!”

6 Blue Slimes: 31 + BATTLE P (1-E)

Alisa & Party: COMBAT P + BATTLE P (2-I)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 183


“Hapsby is buried somewhere in this mountain of garbage, huh… But, it’ll take over a month to dig up anything from here.”

Even Tyrone cringed upon looking at the massive scrap heap.

“It doesn’t look like they have any of that chemical Polymeteral here.”

“Why don’t we try going back to that cave from before. They might have it on the continent over there,” suggested Alisa.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 6


The polymeteral had a strong effect and a robot was found in the scrap heap. Apparently, this is Hapsby.
The polymeteral had a strong effect and a robot was found in the scrap heap. Apparently, this is Hapsby.

Alisa used the polymeteral on the scrap heap. It has quite a strong effect; the scrap heap starts to melt into a pile of ooze and mud. Only things made out of Laconia remained.

“I found him! Do you think this robot is Hapsby?” Alisa asked.

“It’s not moving. Should I try kicking it?”

“S–stop that, please,” the robot suddenly stood up. “My name is Hapsby. I was constructed by Dr. Luveno.”

Thus, having recovered Hapsby, Alisa and the others returned to the village of Gothic.

(You can visit the village hospital. Pay 20 MESETA to increase HP by 5.)

When visiting the Doctor’s house, they received an introduction to the spaceship Luveno. Hapsby, the pilot-robot, joined the party. Now they can travel anywhere in the Algol Star System!