4. The World of Phantasy Star

Algol Star System (art by yumpoplala)

Phantasy Star is set in the Algol Star System, far away from the Earth. Around Algol (the sun), three planets are in orbit. They are called the Three Planet Alliance.

The inhabitants of the first planet, Palma, are mostly like modern-day Earth people. Their science has, however, progressed much further, and they have started building colonies on the neighboring planets. The second and third planets, Motavia and Dezolis, also have native inhabitants, with civilizations of their own.

Since La Shiec became king, the harmony of the planets has been broken, and uncanny phenomena have started to occur in the open. Mysterious plants and animals have started to appear on land and at sea, which has started to worry the people. What is really the fate of this star system…?

First Planet: Palma

Like Earth, this is a planet with vast oceans, and land covered in greenery. The civilization has grown and developed out of an ancient past, and is now advancing to exploit the neighboring planets of Motavia and Dezolis. Alisa’s adventure starts on this planet.

Palma has complex landscape of grasslands, forests, seas, lava covered areas and caves, and also has the most number of towns and villages of the three planets.

There are many pleasant things to see, hear and do there. The jail, towers and numerous other major institutions are also important to mention. On the other hand, there are also swarms of dangerous foes around. Make sure to be careful!

Second Planet: Motavia

The planet is in the middle of being developed after having its spaceport completed.

The entire planet is covered in desert, with only two lakes.

The native inhabitants are Motavians.

Third Planet: Dezolis

There are also small villages of native Dezolians erected here.

A world of snow and ice. Palman immigrants live in a city called Skure.

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