3. Character Introduction

In the world of Phantasy Star, our heroes consist of three people and one animal! What kind of adventure awaits them?


The protagonist of the story. She is 15 years old and is able to use magic. Though she is quite stubborn, she has a very kind heart. However, she is on a quest to avenge her brother who was killed….


A mysterious cat who can speak human language, owned by Tyrone. A small medicine bottle hangs from his neck. Other than that, could Myau have some big secret…..?


A famous hero. He’s a big guy who stands at almost two meters tall. He is an experienced warrior, able to wield an ax or a gun. Despite appearances, he’s actually got a pretty decent sense of humor.


An esper who is training in a cave on the planet Motavia. He possesses magical abilities that are unmatched, making him very reliable. He has a very attractive face, but his personality remains somewhat mysterious.

Dr. Luveno

He is the greatest scientist on Palma. After all, this is a person who can build a spaceship on one month’s worth of food expenses. Despite being declared insane and locked up in prison, he is still enjoying his life considerably.

Governor of Motavia

He is the ruler of Algol’s second planet, Motavia. But since La Shiec took over the star system, he has been keeping a low profile. For this reason, he helps Alisa and her friends. Even though he’s a bit old, he still has a passion for certain things.

La Shiec

He is an incredibly evil man. Though he is king, he sold the Algol Star System over to an evil cult called “Chaos” in order to gain eternal life for himself. Because of this man, Algol is now veering on a path straight towards destruction!

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