2. How to Play Using This Book

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1. How to progress in the game

Alisa’s brother was just killed. The enemy is unimaginably strong for a 15 year-old girl. Will Alisa really be able to find La Shiec and get revenge?

For our readers, various endings have been prepared in this book. Therefore, the chances of reaching a happy ending is quite low. Most people will probably get defeated by monsters, and the story will end without completing the quest. Good luck!

2. How to use the Action Chart

While progressing through the game, Alisa’s points and requirements will change continuously during her adventures. When this happens, please notate these changes in your Action Chart.

■ Battle Points (BATTLE P)

① Row 1 is the Enemy Battle Power.

② Row 2 is Alisa’s Battle Power.

At the beginning of the game, you need to pick out numbers to fill in for the Battle Point Table (BPT). These points are used for two things: fighting against enemies and trying your luck.

➡ How to fill out the BPT.

Step 1: Write down random numbers between 0-9 in each row, without repeating the same number in any row (like Sudoku).

Step 2: That’s it, you’re done! Your BPT should look something like this when you’re done:

For a more detailed explanation on how to use Battle Points , read the “How to Battle” section.

■ Alisa & Party’s Points (Each point has no limit)

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Combat Points (COMBAT P)

Alisa and party’s combat strength. In the beginning of the game, your combat strength is 0. As you acquire weapons and defeat enemies, you gain points. When you are wounded, you will lose points.

Hit Points (HP)

Alisa and party’s stamina. In the beginning of the game, your stamina is 10. Stamina will increase with healing medicines (like Perolymate and Ruoginin) and by visiting the hospital. When attacked by enemies, stamina will decrease.

Magic Points (MAGIC P)

Alisa and party’s magic power (supernatural abilities; ESP). In the beginning of the game, your magic power is 0. When you defeat enemies, your points will increase (there are times it won’t). When you use magic, your points will decrease. Please note, the required points for casting magic and the points consumed are different. Please follow the instructions in the text.

Currency (MESETA)

In the Algol Star System, the currency is called Meseta. At the beginning you have 0 MESETA. Most enemies carry treasure chests, and if you win the battle you can find money in those.

■ Item List

During her journey, Alisa will come into possession of weapons and other items that you will need to write down to keep track of. This get these items either by buying, trading, or by winning in battle. When obtaining something, please write it down on your Item List.

■ A–J Alphabet Checklist

During the game, you will occasionally run into text that says “Action Chart – Check A” or “Action Chart – Check B”, etc. This means you need check off the appropriate box on the Alphabet Checklist (A-J) table on the Action Chart. These check marks are very important for you to keep track of your progress, so please don’t forget to do it.

■ Regarding Hospitals

For the sake of treating injuries suffered during travels, several cities have a hospital. It is only possible to visit the Hospital if “(Hospital treatment is available)” is written. To go or not to go is your choice. If you decide to go, please follow the instructions in the book. Also, if it is written that you pay 10 MESETA to add 2 HP, then you may not pay 20 MESETA to add 4 HP.

3. How to Battle

Your Battle Point Table (BPT) must be filled out first before you can do any battles. Battling is just a matter of adding your enemy’s COMBAT P + BATTLE P versus your own COMBAT P + BATTLE P.

Sample battle prompt:

Enemy Sharkin: 5 + BATTLE P (1A)


Who will win? Let’s practice!

Example of Battle Point Table

Find the Enemy’s Power. The Combat P is given to us as 5. To find the Battle P, just look at 1A on the BPT and you will see it is 3. So, 5 + 3 = 8. The Sharkin’s combined strength is then 8.

Find Alisa’s power. Alisa’s Combat P starts at 0. As you go on, you will get to add points to it, which you should make sure to keep track of. For example, let’s say Alisa’s gotten her Combat P up to 4. Then find out what number is 2F on the BPT — in this case it is 5. Add the 4 and 5 to find Alisa’s combined strength is 9.

Sharkin’s strength of 8 versus Alisa’s strength of 9 means Alisa wins. In the text this will mean that Alisa has “Higher P than the enemy“. In case it is a draw, please shift both parties BATTLE P one step. A becomes B, F become G, and so on. Furthermore, please note that J should become A.

■ Since you will fill in and erase the forms many times, please use a pencil. Also, it might be easier to use a notebook for note taking rather than writing directly into the book.

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