1: Prologue

“What happened, big brother?!”

The young girl’s yell split the crowd in half. What appeared before her was a young man lying face-down on the ground. His face and hands were bloodstained.

Around the young man stood countless armored heavily armed policemen — the Armor Police. The silver on their armor was splattered with the young man’s blood. There was no mistaking that the young man’s injuries were caused by the Armor Police.

“That’s what you get for snooping around in Lord La Shiec’s affairs! If you value your life,  you’ll keep yourself out of trouble.”

The Armor Police sneered at the young man, looking down at him as if he were scum. And then, while kicking at the onlookers to go away, they went off on their way.

The only thing left behind on the cold concrete was the young man, on the verge of death, and the young girl.

“A… Alisa…. is that you…?”, the young man said weakly.

“Big brother Nero, what happened?!”

The young girl, Alisa, held her brother’s bloodied hand.

“La Shiec is inviting a huge calamity to this planet. …. The world right now… is heading towards destruction.”

“Big brother, you shouldn’t talk so much..” Alisa said worriedly, noticing how much pain he seemed to be in. But he made no effort to stop.

“I… I was trying to find out what La Shiec was planning. But… with just my power alone, I wasn’t able to do anything about it!”

Tears welled up in Nero’s eyes. This was the first time Alisa ever saw her brother cry.

“While trying to find out about La Shiec, I heard a story about a warrior named Tyrone. If.. if you teamed up with him, you might be able to defeat La Shiec and save the planet. They say that Tyrone travels around with a talking cat. L..look for them.”


“Alisa… I can’t stand letting it end this way…. The fact that I couldn’t do anything.. and that I’m going to die, leaving you all by yourself… Forgive me…”

“Big brother, big brother!!”

Alisa’s voice changed into a shriek. However, Nero’s eyes would never again open.

. . .

The year is AW 342.

Palma, the first planet in the Algol Star System, was in the prime of its prosperity under the rule of King La Shiec. Nearby planets were claimed as colonies, and the development plans for them were progressing smoothly.

After the first spaceport was opened on Palma, interstellar travel became frequent, with shuttles ferrying back and forth constantly between Palma and Motavia, the second planet of the Algol Star System. Within a few years, a spaceport was opened up on the third planet of the system as well, Dezolis.

But, beginning in spring of that year, ominous rumors started to spread. Rumors that La Shiec and his ruling class artistocrats had become possessed by a dark cult, and in exchange for eternal life, La Shiec had traded off the Algol Star System.

Those rumors appeared to be true. Grotesque monsters began appearing all over each of the planets and posed a threat to the people and their way of life. It was the beginning of something unimaginable..

Alisa is a young girl from the heart of downtown Camineet’s residential district. She will be 15 this year. Her brother, Nero, was 18. He worked at the spaceport as a laborer, helping with the unloading of crafts. The two of them lost their parents at an early age, so they grew up depending on each other for support.

Nero was a young man with a very strong sense of justice. As soon as he heard those dark rumors, he began to investigate King La Shiec. Things kept getting worse. After La Shiec had declared martial law, the people lost their spirit. But Nero never gave up on his mission to find the truth.

However — now, at this very moment, that young man has died.

Before long, the sky became wrapped in twilight. Everything seemed to have fallen into silence.

Alisa tried calling her brother’s name once more. Through tear-stained eyes, she looked on with a fierce intensity.

“I will carry on your will. I won’t let your death be in vain, and in order to do that I’m prepared to fight for it. I know you’ll be watching over me, big brother.”

Alisa reached for the short sword by Nero’s hip and held it up against her chest, swearing by it.

Can Alisa really uncover La Shiec’s secrets and defeat him?

Alisa’s long journey begins now.

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