Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 245


“Yahh!” Alisa and Tyrone reached for their weapons at the same time.

A fatal simultaneous attack! ―Or so they thought, but it actually had little to no effect. Blades had no effect against the Talos’ thick skin.

The Talos came after the panicked Alisa with his huge fists. By a hair’s breadth, Tyrone stepped in front of Alisa and took the attack for her (-3 HP). Alisa screamed out Tyrone’s name.

“Th-this is nothing,” said Tyrone. “More importantly, aim for his vital area!”

Faster than Tyrone had spoken, Lutz and Myau went flying. Lutz went for the back of its head, and Myau went for its eyes. The Talos fell over. Tyrone then beheaded it with his ax.

“Pssh. I hope you learned your lesson, you damn dirty ape…”

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 222


An enormous monster suddenly appeared before the party. It was a monster covered in red hair ― it somewhat resembled a gorilla. No, it wasn’t even a gorilla, it was just a huge clump of muscles. On top of that, it was wearing a loin cloth and had pointed ears.

“It’s a Talos-type ― a Gaia!” Alisa shouted the name of the terrifying monster.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 206


Half-hearted attacks were ineffective against the Talos’ thick skin. 

While dodging its fists, Alisa and her comrades aimed for the monster’s eyes! Next, they got its throat! They then hit it in the balls. The Talos collapsed on the spot.

“Wow, so even monsters have balls?”

“Its balls are disgusting, let’s stop talking about it,” said Tyrone.

Up ahead in the passageway was an L-shaped corner.