Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 405


They arrived on Dezolis, a planet enclosed in snow and ice.

Since the planet had only opened up recently, it did not yet have its own spaceport. So, Hapsby landed the spaceship Luveno outside the city of Skure, the one and only colony on the planet.

“Brrr, it’s so cold. This is my first time coming to Dezolis,” Alisa said as she disembarked the spaceship. She was decked out in a cute new winter outfit. 

“Hey, this is just a barren ice field. Hapsby, are you sure you took us to the right place?”

<Yes. To stay shielded from the cold environment, the city of Skure was constructed underground.>

Hapsby was correct. Alisa and the group soon saw a domed entrance nearby and went inside.

“This is a pretty long tunnel. —Ack! What is that?”

Deep inside, they could see a quivering clump of shiny gelatinous blobs. There were 6 of them in total.

“Those are Blue Slimes! Is this really the right way to Skure?!”

6 Blue Slimes: 31 + BATTLE P (1-E)

Alisa & Party: COMBAT P + BATTLE P (2-I)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 316


“Okay, sure,” said Alisa.

Tyrone and the others looked uneasy. Alisa reassuringly winked at them.

It seemed that even the man himself was not expecting her to say okay so readily. The man was stumbling over his words and scratching at the scar on his face.

“—I-Is that so? Here, this is the weapon,” said the man, pulling out something from a large bag.

 “It’s a Missile Launcher for Mammoth Hunting. It’s an antique, so you’d never find one in some Armor Shop. They’ve stopped production on this type of warhead, actually. It can only shoot once, but the power is outstanding. This thing can take out huge beasts like Mammoths and Dragons in only one hit.”

“But I thought it could only shoot once,” said Tyrone.

“Okay — so then don’t miss, then. That shouldn’t be a problem for you, right? Unless you think you can’t do it,” teased Alisa.

“O-of course I can!” stammered Tyrone.

“So, it’s settled then.” Alisa, smiled sweetly. (Erase the AMBER EYE from your Item list and write in MISSILE LAUNCHER.)

After parting ways with the man, Alisa and her comrades:

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 309


After making it through the ice tunnel, they arrived in the town of Skure. It was a warm place compared to outside, almost as if it were in a different world.

(It is possible to visit the hospital in town. For 20 MESETA, you can increase your HP by 5).

At a restaurant nearby, Alisa and party began to gather information about the planet. It seems that lately, monsters have been appearing that have never been seen before – and they’ve even attacked a few villagers. It’s said that in bad times, the monsters will even come from the tunnel into the entranceway.

“So, Blue Slimes were here… Are there any other places that people live here?”

“The native people ― the Dezolians ― have several villages around. I suppose the largest one is Aukbal. You can make it there by going through a few different underground passageways. But that’s only if you don’t end up coming across monsters on your way,” said one of the waiters of the restaurant.

“Has La Shiec been to this planet recently?”

The waiter silently shook his head. He then cautiously cleaned up the blood.

“I guess we’ve no choice. It looks like we’ll have to be the ones to exterminate the monsters.”

“Wait, Tyrone, before we do that—“

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 287


Wanting to find out more, Alisa and party decided to head for the Altiplano Plateau.

“Hey, aren’t those red berries over there the laerma berries?  They weren’t very difficult to find at all,” said Alisa.

“But what are they even good for? We don’t even know. It’s just extra baggage at this point,” complained Tyrone.

“Tyrone, you’re big and strong, right? You can carry them without a problem, right?”

“……” Tyrone had no come back.

(Obtain item LAERMA BERRIES; write it down on your Item List)

Returning to Skure, Alisa and the group took off on the spaceship Luveno. Their destination, of course, was planet Palma.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 281


“I appreciate the offer, but no thanks. See you.”

“H-hey, miss—”

 Alisa and her comrades walked away, ignoring the man. His story was incredibly suspicious. Even if he really had a weapon, it was probably just a rusty sword or a defective gun or something like that.

Having pulled away from the man, Alisa and party: