Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 362


“My goodness, Alisa! How you’ve changed!” said Suelo as she hugged Alisa.

Having made it back home to Palma, Alisa decided to stop by and visit her only family. As she introduced her friends to her aunt, Suelo did a curtsy and bowed her head deeply, wishing to show respect.

“Thank you so much for taking care of my Alisa, I’m sure she has put you all through a lot of trouble.”

“Not at all, we couldn’t do it without her. But anyway, how are things going around here?”

Aunt Suelo’s face fell. Taxes were now higher than ever, and anyone who objected to it got rounded up and killed by monsters. Somehow or other, this evil cult seemed to have the power to summon monsters from other worlds.

“That bastard La Shiec…We must put an end to his life as soon as possible!”

“You should rest here for tonight, at least. I have a spare room for you, Lutz, and Tyrone, too. At any rate, you must rest your body so you can fight, or even an easy battle will become unwinnable.”

Alisa and her comrades did as they were told. The moment she laid down, Alisa fell into a deep sleep. And then, she dreamt of her brother…. (+3 HP, +2 MAGIC P)