Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 390


Alisa jumped in towards the Machine Guarder, dodging its beam. She moved in to slash the camera on its head. 

Or so she tried, but this was a combat robot, after all; it saw right through her plan. With the flick of an arm, it sent Alisa flying off, armor and everything! (-1 HP)

The Machine Guarder went in to finish her off, but the robot suddenly collapsed; white plumes of smoke rose up from its body. Beyond the smoke, Tyrone’s face could be seen.

“Y’know, this isn’t a 1v1. Don’t be so reckless.”

The group backtracked to where they came from. 

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 353


The Machine Guarder grabbed a beam gun with its left hand and began blasting. 

Dodging the blasts, Alisa dashed and went in for the robot’s camera. But, the Machine Guarder saw through her plan and shielded its face.

However, Alisa’s sword pierced through the robot’s chest! Her technique was incredibly powerful, even without aiming for its weak point.

“Oh, come on now. Leave some work for the rest of us,” joked Tyrone.

Alisa stuck out her tongue. After that, the group returned to the path they came from.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 117


The Machine Guarder began firing a beam gun at them.

“Damn, another robot?” Tyrone asked.

“This guy’s a battle-type, a Machine Guarder! But —” Alisa defiantly dodged one of the robot’s beams.

“His weak spot is the same as the other robots!” She drove her sword into the camera on its head. Tyrone then severed its head with his ax for good measure.

“Look out, duck!”

After shooting out blue sparks, the Machine Guarder exploded. (+1 COMBAT P, +1 MAGIC P)

“Phew — thanks to that, there’s a hole in the wall. We can escape from there,” said Tyrone.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 90


“Ah, short cake? Very well, very well. – Huh! Th-this is…!”

“Is there something wrong with the strawberry on top?”

“This is no strawberry! It’s the forbidden laerma berry! Who are you people!”

“Oww, jeez! A pit-fall trap!? That’s unfair!” (-1 HP, -2 COMBAT P)

‘What’s going on? He said something about a forbidden berry….” (Action Chart – Check “C”)

Alisa and the group dusted themselves off and stood up. The only one uninjured was Myau, who’s good at landing on his feet. In Myau’s eyes, there was the reflection of an enemy lurking in the shadows.

It was a robot with a red body. A Machine Guarder.

Machine Guarder: 12 + BATTLE P (1-B)

Alisa & Party:  COMBAT P + BATTLE P (2-E)