Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 371


Tyrone glanced down to see that the Laconian Pot had fallen out of his pocket. At once, Myau jumped inside the pot and nibbled on the laerma berries that were in it. 

Suddenly, Myau began to glow as a dazzling light wrapped around him. 


Then, in a flash, he transformed into a marvelous beast with great big, beautiful wings.

“Wait, so is this the special phenomena that we heard about, the one that only happens when a musk cat eats a laerma berry? I guess Myau was a musk cat all along!”

“Wow, Tyrone, you’re his owner and you didn’t even know that?” said Alisa in disbelief.

<More importantly, everyone, hurry and get on my back! We’re going for a ride!>

By the time the monsters had made it to the rooftop, Myau was already up in the sky, far above Baya Malay.

Suddenly, the Air Castle appeared!  In order to defeat the evil demon La Shiec, Alisa and her comrades took flight.
Suddenly, the Air Castle appeared! In order to defeat the evil La Shiec, Alisa and her comrades took flight.

A humongous castle suddenly emerged in the once empty sky. This was the Air Castle, the stronghold of La Shiec! The castle only appears when a musk cat takes flight and approaches it. In fact, that is the whole reason the laerma berry became a forbidden item.

Upon learning of their impending arrival to the Air Castle, La Shiec dispatched a special minion to greet the group. It was a Gold Drake, and it was a dragon of gargantuan proportions — the biggest one they’d ever seen! 

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 333


“Laerma Berries? Oh, I’ve heard of them before, come to think of it.”

Alisa remembered what the robot said from the Governor’s Mansion on Motavia. 

The Dezolian talked to them at length about the power of the berries.

They learned that laerma berries were a special kind of fruit that only grew on the Altiplano Plateau.

“These berries can be eaten and used as a normal food ingredient, however, a special phenomena occurs if it is eaten by a musk cat,” explained the Dezolian.

“What’s a ‘musk cat’? What kind of ‘special phenomena’? Also, why are these ‘forbidden’ berries?”

But by then, the Dezolian had already wandered away, leaving Alisa and the rest behind with nothing but questions.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 315


After giving his thanks for being saved, the Dezolian quickly found his exit.

“What the heck was that just now?”

“More importantly, he left us with some information,” said Lutz. Using telepathy, he managed to sneak a peek inside the Dezolian’s head. (-2 MAGIC P)

“The laerma berries he mentioned are a special fruit that come only from the Altiplano Plateau. Of course, it can be eaten as just a regular food, but when eaten by a musk cat, a special phenomena is said to occur.”

“Musk cat? Special phenomena?”

“I wasn’t able to gather more details…”

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 287


Wanting to find out more, Alisa and party decided to head for the Altiplano Plateau.

“Hey, aren’t those red berries over there the laerma berries?  They weren’t very difficult to find at all,” said Alisa.

“But what are they even good for? We don’t even know. It’s just extra baggage at this point,” complained Tyrone.

“Tyrone, you’re big and strong, right? You can carry them without a problem, right?”

“……” Tyrone had no come back.

(Obtain item LAERMA BERRIES; write it down on your Item List)

Returning to Skure, Alisa and the group took off on the spaceship Luveno. Their destination, of course, was planet Palma.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 90


“Ah, short cake? Very well, very well. – Huh! Th-this is…!”

“Is there something wrong with the strawberry on top?”

“This is no strawberry! It’s the forbidden laerma berry! Who are you people!”

“Oww, jeez! A pit-fall trap!? That’s unfair!” (-1 HP, -2 COMBAT P)

‘What’s going on? He said something about a forbidden berry….” (Action Chart – Check “C”)

Alisa and the group dusted themselves off and stood up. The only one uninjured was Myau, who’s good at landing on his feet. In Myau’s eyes, there was the reflection of an enemy lurking in the shadows.

It was a robot with a red body. A Machine Guarder.

Machine Guarder: 12 + BATTLE P (1-B)

Alisa & Party:  COMBAT P + BATTLE P (2-E)