Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 371


Tyrone glanced down to see that the Laconian Pot had fallen out of his pocket. At once, Myau jumped inside the pot and nibbled on the laerma berries that were in it. 

Suddenly, Myau began to glow as a dazzling light wrapped around him. 


Then, in a flash, he transformed into a marvelous beast with great big, beautiful wings.

“Wait, so is this the special phenomena that we heard about, the one that only happens when a musk cat eats a laerma berry? I guess Myau was a musk cat all along!”

“Wow, Tyrone, you’re his owner and you didn’t even know that?” said Alisa in disbelief.

<More importantly, everyone, hurry and get on my back! We’re going for a ride!>

By the time the monsters had made it to the rooftop, Myau was already up in the sky, far above Baya Malay.

Suddenly, the Air Castle appeared!  In order to defeat the evil demon La Shiec, Alisa and her comrades took flight.
Suddenly, the Air Castle appeared! In order to defeat the evil La Shiec, Alisa and her comrades took flight.

A humongous castle suddenly emerged in the once empty sky. This was the Air Castle, the stronghold of La Shiec! The castle only appears when a musk cat takes flight and approaches it. In fact, that is the whole reason the laerma berry became a forbidden item.

Upon learning of their impending arrival to the Air Castle, La Shiec dispatched a special minion to greet the group. It was a Gold Drake, and it was a dragon of gargantuan proportions — the biggest one they’d ever seen! 

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 272


Alisa and her comrades tried going to where the tower was.

In the midst of the snow, they found multiple ruins that resembled a tower, but they were unable to find any vestiges of the actual tower they sought.

“Huh ― what’s this?” Alisa picked up a pot that came rolling down from the icy hills above. “Wow, this is my brother’s pot – the one that Nekise gave me. It must be,” she confirmed. (Obtain item LACONIAN POT)

Right when she picked it up, a large shadow was cast upon them from above.

It was a Mammoth! Two of them, in fact ― they were separated from the herd they saw earlier!

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 77


Kuny Noone’s Shop (the black-haired one) was located directly in the center of town.

“Oh, so you want a talking cat? That’ll cost about five million meseta,” said Kuny Noone.

“F-five million meseta!?”

“Haha, I was just joking. Hey, that pot you have with you looks pretty rare. Tell you what – if you trade me the pot, you can have the cat for free.”

It wasn’t exactly what Alisa wanted to do, but she handed the pot over to Kuny Noone. She never imagined that this container her brother had left behind would have a use here. (Hand over LACONIAN POT).

“Okay, this lady here is your new owner.”

The cat gently walked out from its cage. Its outward appearance was slightly different from that of a normal cat; long, pointed ears, a fluffy tail that split into 3 ends – and also, there was a small bottle hanging from around its neck. The cat’s brilliant emerald green eyes suggested a high level of intelligence.

"What's your name?" Alisa asked. 〈 I'm Myau,〉 answered the cat as he hopped onto her shoulder. Alisa has gained an ally.
“What’s your name?” Alisa asked. 〈 I’m Myau,〉 answered the cat as he hopped onto her shoulder. Alisa has gained an ally.

“You’re my first ally. What’s your name?”

The cat looked at Alisa.

<I’m Myau,> the cat said.

“Hi, Myau. What happened to your companion, Tyrone?”

<Tyrone went to Medusa’s Cave, but he was turned to stone. The medicine in this bottle can turn him back to normal, but I can’t open the lid by myself.> Myau purred sadly. (Obtain item ALSHLINE)

Tyrone apparently went off to fight Medusa, but ended up losing the fight. With his master gone, Myau was left all alone, wandering aimlessly around until eventually he was captured and put on the market by a merchant.

“It’ll be okay. The two of us will go save him together.”

Myau agilely jumped up onto Alisa’s shoulder.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 21


Nekise’s house was on the outskirts of Camineet, right next to the gates for the spaceport.

“You’re looking for Tyrone?” asked Nekise. “Hmm. I think that he’s over in Scion, from what I’ve heard.”

“Scion, the port town?”

“Yeah — Oh, and take this, your brother left his pot with me. It’s a Laconian Pot, it’s actually quite valuable. I’m sure it’ll come in handy later.” (Obtain item LACONIAN POT)

As Nekise saw Alisa off to the front entrance, his eyes shifted to the ground.

“I wish I could be of more help…”

Alisa silently turned away and closed the door behind her.

Suddenly, a tall silvery figure was towering over her.

“You must be Alisa. You are coming with us. You are under arrest for treason.”