Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 230


“Hey, young lady.”

A man in a dingy coat came walking up to Alisa.

“I saw you guys at the restaurant earlier. You guys seem to be chasing after La Shiec…. If that’s the case, you probably want weapons, right?”

“What? Well, sure.”

“If so, do you want to buy the weapon I’ve been using? I had been working as a Mammoth Hunter, but I ended up getting severely injured, and so… I’ve been thinking, ‘maybe I should quit’.”

The man said he was willing to trade them the weapon in exchange for the jewel, the Amber Eye…

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 191


Out of the Green Dragon’s mouth came a huge flame, about 10 meters long!

Alisa and party just barely managed to scramble away, branching off into four directions.

Then, in retaliation, Myau jumped up onto the dragon’s head and ruptured its eyes. It let out a roar and threw its head back. During that opening, the group all poised and aimed their weapons at its torso, striking all at once!

The Green Dragon fell over, now lifeless. (+1 COMBAT P, +MAGIC P, +200 MESETA after exchanging the jewel.)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 188


The Green Dragon abruptly appeared. It seemed like a strong monster indeed.

“I’ve got this,” said Lutz, stepping up to the front lines.

The Dragon was menacingly spitting out flames, but suddenly its movement froze up like ice.

“It’s called Bindwa; an esper technique. Now then, while the Dragon’s movement is frozen, let’s grab the jewel.” (-1 MAGIC P, +200 MESETA after exchanging the jewel.)