Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 239


Suddenly, a belt of flames came towards them from the front! Alisa and her comrades narrowly evaded it.

“Who is it?” 

An ominous voice cried back at them.  They could see a red flame flickering somewhere deep in the gloomy corridor. —Finally, the figure of a terrifying Green Dragon appeared ― two of them!

Two Green Dragons: 35 + BATTLE P (1-C)

Alisa & Party: COMBAT P + BATTLE P (2-H) 

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 214



The cat dodged the flames and ran towards the dragons. Running between their legs, he went around to their rear before finally attacking!

The narrowness of the passageway ended up working in their favor. Because of the large size of the Green Dragon ― the two of them, that is ― they weren’t able to turn themselves around.

While the enemy was distracted with Myau, Alisa closed in. She swiftly swung her sword at its mouth! Instead of spitting out fire, the dragon was now choking up blood.

By the time she turned around, Tyrone had already taken care of the other one.

“There’s a treasure box,” Lutz said, opening it right away. “Oh, wow, not only is there money, but there’s a sword in here too. It’s made of Laconia. The sharpness on this sword is amazing.”

Alisa took the sword. (+200 MESETA; Obtain item LACONIAN SWORD, +5 COMBAT P)

“This sword is really incredible. Now that I’ve got this, there’s no reason to stay here.”

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 191


Out of the Green Dragon’s mouth came a huge flame, about 10 meters long!

Alisa and party just barely managed to scramble away, branching off into four directions.

Then, in retaliation, Myau jumped up onto the dragon’s head and ruptured its eyes. It let out a roar and threw its head back. During that opening, the group all poised and aimed their weapons at its torso, striking all at once!

The Green Dragon fell over, now lifeless. (+1 COMBAT P, +MAGIC P, +200 MESETA after exchanging the jewel.)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 188


The Green Dragon abruptly appeared. It seemed like a strong monster indeed.

“I’ve got this,” said Lutz, stepping up to the front lines.

The Dragon was menacingly spitting out flames, but suddenly its movement froze up like ice.

“It’s called Bindwa; an esper technique. Now then, while the Dragon’s movement is frozen, let’s grab the jewel.” (-1 MAGIC P, +200 MESETA after exchanging the jewel.)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 129


“You don’t have enough, huh… Well, that can’t be helped, then. Here’s an idea. In the valley to the south of this village, there’s a “Dragon’s Nest”. It’s said that a precious jewel is kept there.  If you trade me the jewel, that’ll be enough to cover the 200 meseta.”

—And so, Alisa and party soon arrived at the valley.

“Hey, isn’t that the ‘Dragon’s Nest’ right there? Where those tree branches come together….? Wow, look at that huge jewel!”

“Before that, it seems like it will be necessary to slay the dragon first.”

Lutz pointed towards the shadowy background behind the trees. The ferocious face of a Green Dragon could be seen.