Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 115


“Tyrone! Myau! Governor!”

Alisa screamed, but that did nothing to stop the Nightmare. The head of the monster stared down intently at Alisa.

The spine-chilling look in its eyes gave Alisa goosebumps.  A cold sweat dampened her forehead.

—What is this monster? It somehow seems different from all the other monsters I’ve seen up until now..

Alisa grabbed her sword from the bed stand. She thought that might provoke it, but the Nightmare did not indulge.

“Alisa, is it an enemy!? We’re coming in!”

Tyrone and Myau burst into Alisa’s bedroom.

They saw the figure of the Nightmare and immediately lunged in to attack.

However, the monster’s strength far surpassed their imagination.

The Nightmare evaded both of their attacks. Its eyes had a sinister glow in them. At that moment, Tyrone cramped up and fell over. He was wrought with paralysis.

Without being able to put up much resistance, they were easily overpowered by the Nightmare.

The monster was terrifyingly strong. Both Tyrone and Myau were killed by it, and now Alisa too has succumbed and was thrown to the floor...
The monster was terrifyingly strong. Both Tyrone and Myau were done in by it, and now Alisa, too, has succumbed…

“Tyrone! Myau!”

Alisa screamed and repeatedly thrust her sword. However, her sword simply passed right through the monster and came out on its other side. 

“My sword does no damage! —Ahh!”

An invisible force grabbed Alisa and threw her to the floor. The monster’s sharp fangs awaited her as she lay struggling; those fangs then ripped her heart right out of her chest.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 9


Alisa awoke from her nightmare. What the heck was that monster?

“Good morning, Alisa. You look crazy pale. Did you have a bad dream or something?” asked Tyrone from inside the room where they had an audience with the governor yesterday.

“Yeah, I had an awful nightmare. I dreamed that we were all being attacked by a terrible monster. We all got killed.”

“Whoa! That’s pretty ominous. As for me, I had a dream that I was being attacked by a hoard of cuties! And Myau was dreaming that he had a never-ending bowl of cat food.”

“Anyway,” interjected Alisa, “if you had seen what I saw in my dream, your face would be pale, too. —Ah, Governor!” Alisa straightened up.

“Oh, as you were, as you were. Good day. I had this drawn up for you.”

The Governor handed Alisa a sealed envelope.

“To the north of Paseo, there is a cave called ‘Maharu’. The esper who lives there is called Lutz; you should go to him with this letter. That should convince him to become your loyal ally.”

“Thank you very much!”

“Don’t mention it! Make sure to come back here, once you have brought La Shiec to his downfall!”