Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 396


The Flame Dragon began to spit bright red flames at them. Suddenly the temperature became unbearably hot! The surfaces of their shields and armor began to melt! 

Alisa and party felt as though they might pass out from the extreme heat. (-2 HP) 

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 370


Alisa and her comrades dove to the floor, avoiding the fire breath of the Flame Dragon. Getting back to her feet, Alisa maneuvered underneath the enemy and thrust her sword into its soft belly!

Myau then jumped up and began scratching and gouging at the dragon’s eyes. The Flame Dragon let out a piercing howl and fell over writhing in pain. Tyrone finished it off by slicing clean through its neck.

The party won the battle with unanticipated ease; somehow they had become more powerful than they had thought.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 334


Myau, Tyrone, Lutz and Alisa’s bodies were soon completely engulfed in blazing flames.

Alisa used every last ounce of her strength to try and cut her way through the fiery blaze, but she was soon overwhelmed by the inferno.

By the time the Flame Dragon’s attack had ended, their bodies had been completely incinerated. No traces of their bones remained. There was no chance they could ever be revived now, not even with the most powerful magic.

Alisa’s adventure was over. 


Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 291


The monsters from below came up to them. A Golem, King Saber, Flame Dragon, Death Bearer, Machine Guardian, and Mad Stalker ― a collection of the most powerful enemies…

There was no way to win against all of them.

“But there’s no where for us to run!”

That was indeed correct. They closed in on Alisa and her comrades, sending them plummeting off the edge.