Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 349


Flaeli! Lutz launched a series of fireballs at Dark Falz. It was enough to make even the great demon flinch for a moment, but the battle was from over.
Flaeli! Lutz launched a series of fire balls at Dark Falz. It was enough to make even the great demon flinch for a moment, but the battle was from over.

“Flaeli!” A series of fire balls came flying out from Lutz’s staff! (-2 MAGIC P)

The attack made a direct hit on the center of Dark Falz’ chest, enough to make even the great demon falter for a moment.

“It’s no use. We’ll never defeat it like this. We’d need to use much stronger magic techniques…” said Lutz, biting his lip.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 329


Alisa was still careful.

From a distance, she cast even more Flaeli — launching a series of fireballs at Dark Falz! 

The monstrous beast arched backwards for a moment. During this time, Alisa quickly grabbed her sword.

The battle was still hard to call. The beast that is Dark Falz still had not yet revealed its hidden strength. 

No, it’s no use just sitting here waiting for an attack. We’ve got to go on the offense!

“Alisa, don’t forget that we’re all right behind you,” said Tyrone.

That’s right! I’ve got everyone here with me! We’ve got this!

Dark Falz: 58 + BATTLE P (1-G)

Alisa & Party: COMBAT P + BATTLE P (2-D)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 321


The Ice Men began to blow an even colder frost towards them.  But the attack never reached Alisa and her comrades ― Lutz had created an invisible wall with Muwarla that deflected it back towards the enemy.

“Right back at you!”

This time, fireballs came flying out of Alisa and Lutz’s hands! Alisa, too, is now able to use Flaeli with skill. (-6 MAGIC P)

The fireballs soon melted and hollowed out the Ice Men’s giant bodies.

However, they were still undefeated ― nothing less could be expected from the formidable Corona Tower.

Four Ice Men: 42 + BATTLE P (1-J)

Alisa & Party: COMBAT P + BATTLE P (2-G)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 200


“Eat this ― it’s a magic technique called Flaeli!” the Cyborg Mage launched a series of fireballs from both of his palms.

Alisa and Myau jumped up and dodged the attack. While still in midair, Alisa unleashed her attack.

Clash! The Mage one-handedly grabbed Alisa’s sword, stopping it.

He clucked with laughter. “My body is made of metal. Your sword is useless against me. ―Hm, where did that cat go?”

Myau had jumped behind the sorcerer and lifted up his hood. The machinery on its back had no protective cover, it was open and exposed.

“All right, good job, Myau. Now move out of the way,” Tyrone said, raising his ax.

Crash! The ax tore through the Cyborg Mage’s back. Tyrone reached his hand inside the tear, wriggling his arm inside!

“Ahh! St-stop that, please! Ughhhhh!!”

Bzzzzt……….Blue sparks began to emit from the tear in its back. Black oil began to seep out, which soon ignited into a fire.

“What an awesome victory. Way to go, Tyrone.”

“What, Tyrone…?” asked the Mage, engulfed in flames. “That’s impossible, you should have been disposed of already by Lady Medusa.”

“Looks like your information is outdated. Alisa is actually the one who saved me.”

“Alisa… Oh, I see, she must be that man’s sis…” the sorcerer died, leaving those words behind.

Within the burning pile of bones and machinery, Myau was able to pull out a key that was still intact. (Obtain item DUNGEON KEY)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 179


“Die, you fools!” yelled the Cyborg Mage as he put his palms together and blasted them with fireballs. He managed to land direct hits on both Alisa and Tyrone! If they hadn’t been wearing their armor, it would have meant instant death for them. (-1 HP, -1 COMBAT P)

“Oof… he’s using Flaeli — an esper skill.”

“Who cares if he’s an esper or whatever he is — it’s not like he’s immortal. Let’s all attack at once!”

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 51


(Am I going to die without ever even seeing La Shiec?!)

Alisa’s anger towards the enemy exploded. A fiery sensation welled up in her body and collected into the palm of her hand.

Flaeli! An esper technique that launches balls of flames!

The Nightmare let out a deafening scream as it got struck by the fireballs. It twisted its face and melted away into the darkness. (Action Chart – Check “D”)

Alisa, having exhausted all her energy, collapsed right there.