Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 200


“Eat this ― it’s a magic technique called Flaeli!” the Cyborg Mage launched a series of fireballs from both of his palms.

Alisa and Myau jumped up and dodged the attack. While still in midair, Alisa unleashed her attack.

Clash! The Mage one-handedly grabbed Alisa’s sword, stopping it.

He clucked with laughter. “My body is made of metal. Your sword is useless against me. ―Hm, where did that cat go?”

Myau had jumped behind the sorcerer and lifted up his hood. The machinery on its back had no protective cover, it was open and exposed.

“All right, good job, Myau. Now move out of the way,” Tyrone said, raising his ax.

Crash! The ax tore through the Cyborg Mage’s back. Tyrone reached his hand inside the tear, wriggling his arm inside!

“Ahh! St-stop that, please! Ughhhhh!!”

Bzzzzt……….Blue sparks began to emit from the tear in its back. Black oil began to seep out, which soon ignited into a fire.

“What an awesome victory. Way to go, Tyrone.”

“What, Tyrone…?” asked the Mage, engulfed in flames. “That’s impossible, you should have been disposed of already by Lady Medusa.”

“Looks like your information is outdated. Alisa is actually the one who saved me.”

“Alisa… Oh, I see, she must be that man’s sis…” the sorcerer died, leaving those words behind.

Within the burning pile of bones and machinery, Myau was able to pull out a key that was still intact. (Obtain item DUNGEON KEY)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 176


“I’m going to try using the key that guy left behind earlier,” said Alisa.

Alisa’s intuition was correct. The door opened easily with the Dungeon Key.

Beyond the door, deep inside the room stood a tall, slender man wearing a hood.

“Who are you?”

“I understand. Together, let us go save the Algol Star System from the hands of evil,” said Lutz to Alisa.
“I understand. Together, let us go save the Algol Star System from the hands of evil,” said Lutz to Alisa.

“You must be Lutz, right…? My name is Alisa, and this is Tyrone and Myau. We have crossed over the desert in order to find you.”

“I’m in the middle of my training right now. I do not have  time to be meeting with random strangers.”

“No time to meet us? What are you on about, man. This cave has already been infiltrated by an enemy that wants to kill you!”

“Wait, Tyrone,” said Alisa. “Lutz, I’ve brought with me a letter from the Governor of Motavia. Would you mind reading it?”

 Lutz took the letter from Alisa and looked it over.

“I see… it’s about La Shiec. So, he’s formed an alliance with a dark religious cult called ‘Chaos’? This is far more serious than I had imagined.”

Lutz looked into Alisa’s eyes and saw her sincerity. He nodded his head. He then removed his hood, revealing his long, flowing blue hair.  He had an effeminate face that looked as beautiful as Alisa’s.

“I understand. Together, let us go save the Algol Star System from the hands of evil,” said Lutz. “To do that, first we will need to go to the Gothic Woods on the planet Palma…”

“Gothic Woods?”

“If we go there, we can meet with Dr. Luveno. He’s a little bit strange, though.”

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 162


When they continued along, they reached a door at the end of the passageway. They tried opening it with the Dungeon Key.

Inside the door was a half-man, half-horse knight in blue armor.

“This guy is one of La Shiec’s Imperial Guards — a Centaur!” yelled Tyrone, preparing his ax.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 132


Continuing down the corridor, they came to a door. They tried using the Dungeon Key.

“Oi, who’s here? Oh, a li’l girl?” bellowed the bearded man inside.

“Are you Dr. Luveno? No, you couldn’t be, right…?” said Alisa.

“Wha? Nahh, I ain’t no doctor. Ain’t youse guys ever heard of Da Great Silver Next — legendary pick-pocket?” 

“Looks like Dr. Luveno’s not here, either,” said Alisa to the rest of her party, ignoring the man. The group walked away. 

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 114


The group continued westward down the corridor. Up ahead was a steel door.

“It looks like it’ll open with this Dungeon Key,” said Alisa. “—Dr. Luveno!  Oh, he’s turned into a skeleton!”

“No, that’s an enemy!”

A skeleton soldier equipped with a sword and shield came from the cell – it’s a Skull Soldier!

Skull Soldier: 16 + BATTLE P (1-B)

Alisa & Party: COMBAT P + BATTLE P (2-C)