Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 100


The group has returned back to the village of Gothic.

“Dr. Luveno, we wanted to meet with you because we would like to request you build a spaceship for us,” said Lutz, breaking the ice.

“Without being able to freely travel the three planets, we are unable to find La Shiec.”

“Very well. However, the cost of production will be 200 meseta. Are you able to pay?”

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 44


The group arrived at the village of Gothic.

(It is possible to get treatment at the local Hospital. Pay 10 Meseta for +2 HP)

They visited Dr. Luveno’s house, but it was so empty that not even a mouse stirred. According to the other villagers, the doctor was said to have gone insane and was thrown into Triada Prison.

“That seems really suspicious. Well, anyway, let’s try going to that prison,” Alisa said.

“The prison has two different entrances,” said Lutz, pointing to a map he drew in the ground.