Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 171


They used the Dungeon Key to open the door. An elderly man was inside.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“Please excuse us. You don’t seem to be Dr. Luveno,” said Lutz.

“My name is Dr. Amamoto. I see,” he said. “So, Luveno’s been locked up too. —Actually, I’ve done research together with him before. Excuse me, but if you find him, would you mind giving him this for me?”

“What is this?” asked Alisa, receiving a small bottle from Dr. Amamoto. (Action Chart – Check “E”).

“It’s the preserved meat from the monster Sharkin that’s been boiled in soy sauce, hehehe.”

“O-oh, is that so? All right then, I’ll make sure to give it to him.” (Ugh…)

Alisa and party left the cell.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 158


Alisa showed the small bottle she received from Dr. Amamoto to Dr. Luveno.

“Oh!” exclaimed Dr. Luveno.  “Is that Soy Braised Sharkin?! That’s my favorite!

 …You know, this prison isn’t so bad. I’ve grown quite fond of it, really. The food is okay, and there’s no people around to ridicule me.  However,” he continued, “there is just one thing that I can’t get in here, and that’s Soy Braised Sharkin.  And now that I’ve seen some, I can’t stand it here anymore! I’m going to get out of here and fill my stomach up with the stuff!”

Suddenly, the doctor stood up and kicked the bed which was attached to the wall. Incredibly, there was a huge hole hidden in the corner of the prison cell’s wall.

“I set it up this way so that I could escape any time I wanted. Anyway, moving on. Shall we go save Amamoto, too?”

Somehow, it seems as though this doctor was only in prison for the hell of it.