Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 368


At the L-shaped corner, Lutz stopped the party from going forward. Only an esper of expert skill level could detect this; he felt the faint presence of an enemy.

Soon, something came slipping through the wall — a black armored mysterious person appeared in front of them.

“Another Chaos Sorcerer!?” exclaimed Lutz, uttering the name of the killer of his Master.

<I see, so it was you people who killed Dark Marauder. Indeed, I am Chaos Sorcerer Death Bearer. I will end your lives now!>

Death Bearer: 45 + BATTLE P (1-I)

Alisa & Party: COMBAT P + BATTLE P (2-C)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 296


A large silhouette blocked their path.

“Another monster!?” exclaimed Tyrone, readying his ax. Lutz lifted his hand to stop Tyrone.

 “You’re certainly with some interesting fellows, eh?” said the silhouette, which turned out to be a rather small elderly man.

“It’s been awhile, Master Tajim,” said Lutz. “—We just encountered some monster remains at the entrance.”

“Nowadays, all the monsters that have been coming here are weaklings. More importantly, Lutz, I’ve heard you’re out to defeat La Shiec. I’d like to see just how much you’ve improved. Show me what you’ve got!”

“Wait a minute! You’re saying that teacher and student must fight each other!?” said Alisa, stepping in between Lutz and Tajim.

While Lutz and Tajim were having a student/master showdown, a Dark Marauder appeared. A sorcerer and member of the dark religion – he was a Chaos Sorcerer!
While Lutz and Tajim were having a student/master showdown, a Dark Marauder appeared. A sorcerer and member of the evil cult – he was a Chaos Sorcerer!

“Young lady, get out of the way. It’s not my fault if you end up hurt.”

“Alisa, he’s right,” said Lutz. “—Master, don’t blame me if you end up breaking a hip.”

“So your mouth is the only thing you’ve been training, eh, Lutz?”

“We’ll see about that.”

Lutz swung his staff downward! The tip grazed over Tajim’s head, cracking a hole in the wall behind him!

“Oho, you’ve gotten good,” said Tajim, grinning broadly as he moved out of the way. Blood began to gush out of the hole that Lutz opened!

“What’s going on!?”

The next moment, a blue-armored monster came out as if slipping through the wall. The blood was flowing out of a hole in its chest.

Lutz and Tajim had realized the monster was there from the very beginning.

“This guy is different than the other weaklings that have come before him. La Shiec invited a monster from ‘Chaos’, huh….”

<Mwahaha…> laughed the monster eerily. <The people in this world are pretty skilled, too. It’s not unreasonable for La Shiec to have invited me. —My name is Dark Marauder, Chaos Sorcerer! As for this wound you gave me, I will return the favor a thousand times!>

Dark Marauder: 28 + BATTLE P (1-I)

Lutz & Party: COMBAT P + BATTLE P (2-H)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 268


<Tandle!> —Listening to those words, it was clear that death was the intention. Of all things, the Chaos Sorcerer utilized the most powerful esper ability of all!

A white and blue electricity floated up into the sky, becoming a huge orb. Then it happened right when the orb began to burst open.

“This is bad!” Tajim went flying towards the orb.

With a terrific sound, the elder’s body bounced off of it! The unpleasant smell of cooked flesh began to waft around.

“Master Tajim!”

<Damn! Just one more second and you all would have been killed!>

Lutz removed his hood. His cerulean hair shone brilliantly. The intense anger radiating from his body was felt by Alisa.

“I will show you no mercy, you bastard!” Lutz yelled with an intensity unheard of up until now.

Lutz slipped through the monster’s swinging ax and rushed in. The tip of his staff smashed the Dark Marauder’s face!

Lutz then rushed towards Tajim. Being held by Alisa, the old man’s breathing was already faint.

“My dear apprentice, Lutz… You have grown so much beyond my expectations…. I am proud to die so that you may live on… There’s something in that treasure box over there that I’d like to give you. It should be helpful…. in your upcoming battle…. against La Shiec….” These words were Tajim’s last. (Action Chart – Check “H”)

(They found a MIRACLE KEY and an esper item, the FRAD MANTLE. Write them down on your Item List. Add 10 MAGIC P.)

Lutz put on the Frad Mantle, a memento from his master.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 241


The Chaos Sorcerer was strong beyond imagination.

Of all things, he used Tandle — the most powerful magic technique!

A white and blue light floated up into the sky, resembling an orb. The orb then burst into forty thousand sparks of light; there was no way to evade the attack. Instead, they all burned to death and perished.