Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 1


Inside the basement of her home, Alisa Landale was putting her brother Nero’s personal effects away into storage. While sorting through his items, she found something: a treasure box.

“Wow, there’s fifty meseta in here. My brother must have been saving up for his fight against La Shiec.” (Gain 50 MESETA). A short sword was also inside the treasure box. (Obtain item SHORT SWORD).

Alisa clasped the short sword and held it to her chest. An image of her brother floated past her eyes.

While trying to find out about La Shiec, I heard a story about a warrior named Tyrone. If.. if you teamed up with him, you might be able to defeat La Shiec and save the planet. They say that Tyrone travels around with a talking cat. L..look for them.”

“I wonder who this Tyrone person is… I have to find out.”

Alisa’s long quest for revenge has begun. So, where to go first?