Long time no see

Hi guys!

Sorry about the long time between updates. Life has really been hard the past year and a half with a lot of personal loss and struggles. But, the good news is that I finished law school this past spring, and I’ve taken my bar exam.

As far as updates go: I’ve added Chapter 1 of Outside Saga from SPEC by the infallible Judy Totoya! Outside Saga tells the story of what happens in Phantasy Star I three years after Alisa & party defeat Lashiec. The author Judy was the character designer/creator of Tails from Sonic, and did a lot of character design / mech design in Phantasy Star II.

As for the Drama CD, it’s still in the works, but major format changes / art changes are being made. I’ll let you guys know more later but for now I’m in survival mode so it’s hard to work on that at the moment.

And as always, if you’re bored and wanna chat about Phantasy Star, come join us down at the Esper Mansion Discord! https://discord.gg/phantasystar

Happy 2022!

Oops, I haven’t updated in awhile ^^;

I’ve been busy with working extra hours due to being short handed at work, and law school obligations and family obligations.

It’s been hard to find a lot of free time, but I’m hoping to have an update on the visual Drama CD project in February. Thanks for your continued patience, guys! Hope you all had a nice holiday season & happy new year! C:

Happy Halloween!

Happy halloween!

Tomoyo, Meiling, Sakura

So I decided to draw some fanart of the Drama CD cast dressed up as characters that their voice actor’s have played. And if I’m being honest I probably invested waaaay too much into drawing this, but I couldn’t help myself. I went full dork. Here’s a breakdown of the characters and their cosplays:

NM-2011 is Card Captor Sakura’s voice (Sakura Tange)

Frena (Demi) is Tomoyo’s voice (also from Card Captor Sakura) (Junko Iwao)


Fal (Rika) is Meiling’s voice (also from Card Captor Sakura) (Yukana Nogami)

Nei is Sailor Moon’s voice (Kotono Mitsuishi)

Thray (Rune) is Kakashi’s voice (Kazuhiko Inoue)

Rudy (Chaz) is Youhei Sunohara from CLANNAD’s voice (Daisuke Sakaguchi)

Forren (Wren) is Aizen from Bleach’s voice (Show Hayami)

And that’s a wrap! Whew!

Big news about the Drama CD

I finally did it!

I finally started the video subtitle for the Drama CD. There’s only a little bit so far, but I’ve been busy working on all the artwork that I plan to use throughout and now I’m pretty much done with that. More is coming soon!

I’m very excited about this project! Here’s some artwork I’ve been working on, which is heavily based on Yoshibon’s style to match the classic PS look as much as possible. Also a bonus Nei Third fanart because I love her so.

Some changes

Hey guys! Some small updates. First, the new content:

1. Continuity Guide

2. Glossary

3. Links

The Glossary is a work in progress and currently only covers PS1. I plan to add more to it soon. But I thought it would be nice to have all of the JP and EN terms, official translations and other translations, all together in one spot to help along with the sense of continuity that is somewhat lost to English speakers who are presented with alternating and varying translations throughout the series.

Lastly, some unfortunate news. Some of you may have noticed that I’ve taken down the Raw Materials section.

I had to take it down for legal reasons. I am a law student so I’m sure you all can probably understand why. Sadly that includes the SPEC 6 scans. Anyone can feel free to re-host the scans, and most of the other scans are available elsewhere already.

That’s it for now. Until next time.

Rika birthday 2021

Fal/Rika from Phantasy Star IV. It was her birthday! She’s still my fav char from PS. c: I had fun with this and took some artistic liberties, like replacing the cape with some frilly skirt ruffles. Yay! I was told she resembles a Sailor Senshi here and I feel like that’s the best compliment sooo yeah C: I love Yoshibon but he’s a bit boring with his basic leotard outfit designs, and Rika’s redesigned model in PSO2 somehow shows even more skin than normal sooo I thought I’d address this issue. Bahaha C:

Also she’s got the dope claw from the game box art that was never actually used in game but is still just too cool for school (my character from PSO also used it ;D)

Prologue Story Chapter 3

Ok, Chapter 3 is done! Read it here!

It’s a short and sweet little story and I really enjoyed translating it.

The hardest part was definitely the poem/verse that Ulliard sings, because I had to keep the original meaning as close as possible while also making it kind of rhyme (because where’s the fun in a bard song that doesn’t rhyme or have meter!?)

Anyway I hope you guys enjoy it, next time I’ll work on Outside Saga Chapter 1 C:

Until next time!