Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 329


Alisa was still careful.

From a distance, she cast even more Flaeli — launching a series of fireballs at Dark Falz! 

The monstrous beast arched backwards for a moment. During this time, Alisa quickly grabbed her sword.

The battle was still hard to call. The beast that is Dark Falz still had not yet revealed its hidden strength. 

No, it’s no use just sitting here waiting for an attack. We’ve got to go on the offense!

“Alisa, don’t forget that we’re all right behind you,” said Tyrone.

That’s right! I’ve got everyone here with me! We’ve got this!

Dark Falz: 58 + BATTLE P (1-G)

Alisa & Party: COMBAT P + BATTLE P (2-D)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 331


A battle against a beast like this should not be dragged out. Alisa knew she had to end it fast in order to win.

She jumped, avoiding the tusks of the Mammoth, and thrust her sword right into the forehead of the beast!

“Everyone, look out!”

The Mammoth now ran around wildly, blood pouring out profusely from its forehead, leaving Tyrone and the rest in a desperate scramble to avoid becoming trampled. The Mammoth finally came to a stop when it crashed head first into the rear wall.

“Hah, just like a train with broken brakes.” (+1 MAGIC P)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 332


You’re the one who’s going to diie!”

La Shiec turned into a hazy blur and disappeared, suddenly popping up right behind Alisa and her friends. In the next instant, missiles launched from his torso! 

A roaring explosion followed that sent chunks of the floor flying at them. Even though no one took a direct hit, the group still took heavy damage from the attack. (-2 HP)

“Damn it,  what kind of maniac launches a missile inside a room!”

“Hahahahaha! My body is equipped with a missile launcher and a speed booster. You vermin have no hope of winning!”

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 333


“Laerma Berries? Oh, I’ve heard of them before, come to think of it.”

Alisa remembered what the robot said from the Governor’s Mansion on Motavia. 

The Dezolian talked to them at length about the power of the berries.

They learned that laerma berries were a special kind of fruit that only grew on the Altiplano Plateau.

“These berries can be eaten and used as a normal food ingredient, however, a special phenomena occurs if it is eaten by a musk cat,” explained the Dezolian.

“What’s a ‘musk cat’? What kind of ‘special phenomena’? Also, why are these ‘forbidden’ berries?”

But by then, the Dezolian had already wandered away, leaving Alisa and the rest behind with nothing but questions.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 334


Myau, Tyrone, Lutz and Alisa’s bodies were soon completely engulfed in blazing flames.

Alisa used every last ounce of her strength to try and cut her way through the fiery blaze, but she was soon overwhelmed by the inferno.

By the time the Flame Dragon’s attack had ended, their bodies had been completely incinerated. No traces of their bones remained. There was no chance they could ever be revived now, not even with the most powerful magic.

Alisa’s adventure was over. 


Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 335


Leaving the Ice Digger behind in Aukbal, Alisa and her comrades headed towards the tower. They had no other choice due to the terrain being covered in canyons and crevices. 

“Hey, do you see that? That tower over there on the other side of the valley.  I bet you that’s the one.”

“I see trouble coming our way….” said Lutz.

“M-m-mammoths! There’s a whole herd of them!” Alisa’s mouth dropped.

A herd of Mammoths have appeared! Out of all creatures in the Algol Star System, these are the most fearsome that are known to exist! Can they survive this!?
A herd of Mammoths have appeared! Out of all creatures in the Algol Star System, these are the most fearsome that are known to exist! Can they survive this!?

Mammoths are thought to be the largest and most dangerous creatures to exist in the Algol Star System. Encountering a herd of them is one of the things that people fear the most.