Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 11


With this many Robot Police, there’s no way they intend on having a fair fight. It will be necessary to put an end to them quickly.

Alisa struck deftly at the Robo-Cop’s head. Striking with precision, she smashed their camera lens to pieces. The descending Robo-Cops had fallen prey to Alisa’s sword.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 12


Triada Prison.

On a whim, Alisa and her companions infiltrated the prison through the front gate.

“Hey! Who are you people?”

The gate closed behind them. A robot suddenly appeared before them.

“Oh no, we’ve been spotted already!? Remind me again who’s brilliant idea this was — who was the genius who thought that coming in from the front would ‘throw off the enemy’ and ‘catch them by surprise’!?

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 13


“Shit! There’s flying targets all over the damn place!”

Tyrone smiled a fearless smile, and pulled his Needle Gun from its holster.

The ammunition was needles, 0.01 millimeters in length, and made of a super hard steel — manganese alloy. The gun could fire over 500 needles per second, propelled by gas under high pressure. If fired at a person, it would turn them into a cactus before they could say “Ah!”

Tyrone aimed for the sky and pulled the trigger.

Brutally pierced, the Gold Lenses came crashing down in an amusing manner.

Swiftly exchanging the gas cartridge, Tyrone once more pressed down on the trigger.

The flight of Gold Lenses, trying to hide in the sky, was soon becoming sparse.

Tyrone was evidently not just a man of strong muscles. He was also an expert in modern armaments, and was a master at using them.

“There's flying targets all over the damn place!” Tyrone fired his Needle Gun. The Gold Lenses were shot down, one after another.
“There’s flying targets all over the damn place!” Tyrone fired his Needle Gun. The Gold Lenses were shot down, one after another.

“You’re amazing, Tyrone!”

“The game ends now.” Tyrone put away the Needle Gun and whipped back out the ax he originally had. “Now for that skeleton jerk!”

Skeleton & Group of Gold Lenses: 6 + BATTLE P (1-I)

Alisa & Party: COMBAT P + BATTLE P (2-D)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 15


The stooping figure of the Sharkin came ashore. Its tongue, which she was sure she already cut off, somehow extended towards her again and grabbed her by the right ankle! Alisa lost her balance and fell right onto her back onto the sandy beach. The tip of the tongue was barbed with thorns that sunk deep into the young girl’s skin. (-2 HP)

“Oww! I guess it must’ve had a second tongue. Ugh, what a nasty monster!”

The Sharkin extended its huge claws and shuffled toward Alisa. The claws resembled the blade of a butcher’s knife — sharp enough to easily skewer and fillet Alisa like an expertly cut piece of meat ready for cooking.

It’s all-or-nothing! Alisa went for its tongue a second time.

Shaa!” The Sharkin lost its balance, and at the next moment something came flying right at it. That something — the Iron Sword — sliced deep into the fish-man, cleaving its head. (+1 COMBAT P, +40 MESETA)

“Phew, I finally beat him. —Ah, I wonder if that village over there is Scion.”

Alisa turned to the coastal town she had sighted earlier, and began walking towards the village on the cape.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 16


The two Man-eaters briskly waved their tentacles around Alisa. On the body of one of the Man-eaters, a large crack began to form. Suddenly, something came shooting out from it.

Alisa swiftly turned around and swung her sword at the enemy. As easily as cutting cabbage, Alisa sliced the Man-eater in half!

One Man-eater left! But the moment she turned to face it, something was on her.  Hiss! White smoke plumes rose up around Alisa. Her equipment was smoldering. It was acid!


 The enemy had managed to sneak that attack on Alisa and now the side of her body was burning. (-1 HP)

“Why, you little! What if that leaves a mark!”

Without wasting any more time, Alisa ferociously stabbed at the Man-eater. Her anger exploded. Within a minute, the Man-eater was shred up into countless pieces.  (+40 MESETA)

“You’d make a terrible salad,” joked Alisa. “Oh, I’ve got to hurry and go to the spaceport.”

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 18


Alisa walked down to the plains.

As she was walking, she heard a buzzing noise. Shortly after, a giant fly almost half her size was haphazardly flying along the plains. It almost seemed like it was crawling instead of flying. This was a Monster Fly!

Monster Fly:  0 + BATTLE P (1-D)

Alisa: COMBAT P + BATTLE P (2-F)

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 19


The tarantula launched a web from its mouth.

Alisa and the group quickly dodged it and launched a counter-attack. Tyrone’s ax split through the tarantula’s abdomen, while Alisa thrust her sword through its face!

“Good job, you’re doing great. You’ve got to be fast when it comes to tarantulas,” said Tyrone.

Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 20


Alisa’s blade danced brilliantly.

As she was putting her sword back into its scabbard, the remains of the Wing-Eyes came falling to the ground. Alisa took care of those two in no time. She took a deep breath. 

The road she took came to a dead end. Not having any other choice, she turned around.