Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 398


Dark Falz smoothly glided across the ground’s surface, evading every attack from Alisa and her comrades. Their blade tips managed to strike the monster a few times, however, due to the hardness of its body, the weapons only ricocheted.

Suddenly, Dark Falz unexpectedly began to counterattack. It rained down a series of lightning bolts onto the rescue craft from which it emerged! The fuselage was blown to pieces. 

 <Now you are all trapped here.>

“Yeah, yeah, we noticed!” 

Clinging onto the sloped cobblestone, Alisa could see the tops of the hills of Baya Malay, which seemed to be so close that she could almost touch it with her fingertips.  The flames surrounding Alisa grew and spread further, and soon the Air Castle itself was about to come crashing down onto the planet’s surface…

“Thank you for everything, Tyrone, Lutz, Myau…” 

Alisa and the Dark Lord of Chaos both disintegrated upon impact. Alisa sacrificed her life of only 15 years so that she could save the Algol star system from the hands of evil. 


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