Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 388


Soaring high, Myau dodged the flames. He flew around over the back of the dragon; the party took out their weapons and attacked! 

However, due to the dragon’s hard and tough skin, they could barely do any damage.

The Gold Drake, now angry, thrashed his tail violently at Myau, striking him!  The shock from the attack sent Alisa flying off into the air! (-2 HP)

“Shi–!” Alisa was holding onto the dragon’s wing for dear life. 

There’s only one way to beat this monster….

Alisa, making up her mind, cut the wing of the dragon off, knowing it was her own lifeline as much as it was the Gold Drake’s. 

Alisa made up her mind. She began cutting off the dragon’s wing, knowing full well that it was the Gold Drake’s lifeline just as much as it was her own. 

The now one-winged Gold Drake, no longer able to maintain flight, went into a tailspin and began to plummet to the ground! Alisa lost consciousness from the shock….

Hunhhff…. Alisa regained consciousness, finding herself held tightly in a strong pair of arms. 


“You’ve come to? I caught you just in time, you were about to become splattered.” 

Alisa’s face turned red suddenly and she distanced herself from Tyrone. Then, in a small voice, she thanked him.

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