Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 382


You’re the one who’s going to diie!”

La Shiec fired a series of missiles.

But, nothing happened. There was no explosion. Using his Frad Mantle, Lutz deflected the attack. Indeed, this mantle was special: it was the memento passed down to him from his master Tajim; it had tremendous power sealed within.

“No! What stupid trickery!”

“No, you’re the stupid one! What kind of maniac launches missiles indoors?!” Alisa rushed in on a surprised La Shiec. She pierced her sword right through his body. 

“That’s strange. How could La Shiec be so stupidly easy to beat?”

“Hahaha, of course, Alisa would figure it out. I am Lord La Shiec’s shadow commander! As if the real Lord La Shiec would be defeated by the likes of you fools! Nngahh—!

Alisa’s sword sliced the head in half.

“Pfft, scumbag!”

The group left the hall and proceeded through the opposite corridor. 

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