Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 379


The Golem reached both hands out in an attempt to smother Alisa. She dodged it and then quickly thrust her sword into the monster’s chest! It collapsed to the ground with a thud.

“Aw, that went by too quickly. ―Ahhh!”

Suddenly, a spike of severe pain shot through Alisa’s ankle. The Golem’s fingers dug into her skin. Using only its fingertips and its super strength, the monster flipped Alisa upside down and sent her flying across the corridor. Tyrone nearly caught her, but the two of them ended up getting slammed against a wall! (-2 HP)

As the Golem tried to get back to its feet, Lutz tapped it on the forehead with his staff. Upon doing so, miraculously, the creature ceased all movement. Apparently Lutz targeted a major pressure point. 

“I hope I never get on Lutz’s bad side…” said Alisa, getting back up to her feet.

The group returned to the previous passageway, continuing their search for La Shiec.

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