Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 375


“Yahh!” Alisa and Myau leapt up high!

Feigning an attack from the air, they landed behind them. Just as they hoped, the Ice Men did not notice.


Alisa struck the giant’s feet with her sword. Its entire body began to crack and fissure before completely crumbling and falling over. So the feet were the weak spot.

Armed with this knowledge, the fight was now theirs. Lutz and Tyrone finished off the last two. (-2 MAGIC P)

The group discovered a treasure box in the back of the banquet hall.  Inside it they found a special armor made of Laconia. (Obtain item LACONIAN ARMOR. Write it on your item list and add +5 COMBAT P)

“Wow, it’s so strange that this armor fits me so perfectly. ―Who’s there?” Alisa noticed someone standing behind the treasure chest.

“W-wait, p-please don’t kill me,” the Dezolian said in a panic as he got up to run. “I came here to pick laerma berries, and then I got caught by the thugs in this tower.”