Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 94


“I hear you’re looking for Tyrone?” said a man who walked up to Alisa.

Alisa, who has been walking around hearing many things from people, met this man in the back of a tavern.

“Oh, are you… Mr. Tyrone?”

“No way. I’m no hero or anything like that. Tyrone isn’t here. He went out to go slay Medusa. It’s been about two days now.”


“Ah, the terrifying monster that La Shiec brought back to life.” The man paused and looked at Alisa as if he were evaluating her.

“Hmm. Somehow, it seems like you and Tyrone had a common goal. You’re going after La Shiec, huh? If so, I can tell you something good.”

The man told her the location of a Tool Shop that secretly sells Road Passes. 

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