Alisa’s Adventure: Mini Chapter 93


“Alisa, is it an enemy!? We’re coming in!”

Tyrone and Myau burst into Alisa’s bedroom.

They saw the figure of the Nightmare and immediately lunged in to attack. However, the monster’s strength far surpassed their imagination.

Neither Tyrone’s ax nor Myau’s fangs could so much as leave a scratch on the Nightmare. The monster’s eyes had a sinister glow in them. At that moment, Tyrone cramped up and fell over. He was wrought with paralysis.

Without being able to put up much resistance, the Nightmare easily quelled them.

“Tyrone! Myau! – Ahh!”

A mysterious force grabbed Alisa and threw her to the floor. She thought to herself hazily, there’s no way to win against this monster…

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